The Chronology of Uncovering Men from Medan 12 Years Becoming a Joint TNI, Begins Riding a Motorcycle Member Babinsa Pages all

by – M (50), a resident from Kelurahan Kwala Bekala, Medan Johor District, Medan City, North Sumatra, was arrested after being found out to be a fake TNI member.

M has been a fake TNI for 12 years since 2008, when he stopped working as the private driver of a middle-ranking officer (Pamen) with the rank of Colonel.

During his time as a fake TNI, he claimed to have served in Denmadam I / BB.

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To convince people, M completed himself with the PDL NKRI uniform with the rank of Peltu, shoes, beret, bayonet, and an airsoft gun type.

However, the action was revealed when he was riding a motorcycle officer Babinsa Koramil 0201-145 / Medan Baru, Serka H Purba in the Jalan Luku area, not far from flyover Simpang Pos.

At that time, Purba was suspicious of the PDL NKRI uniform he was wearing.

“Serka H Purba saw that the PDL uniform worn by the perpetrators did not comply with applicable regulations,” said Dandim 0201 / BS Lt. Col. Inf Agus Setiandar, quoted from KompasTV, Sunday (2/8/2020).

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When asked about KTA and NRP, the perpetrators responded in convoluted terms. By Purba, M was taken to Makaromil 0201-05 / Medan Baru.

During the interrogation, M admitted that he was a fake TNI soldier.

“M finally recognized himself as a fake army,” he said.

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From the hands of the perpetrators, the TNI confiscated KTP, SIM, and M’s family card as evidence.

In all these documents, M listed himself as a soldier of the Army.

During his time as a fake TNI, the perpetrators had made use of their identities to facilitate arrangements such as motorcycle loans, applying for work, and going to college for their children.

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Not only that, the actors also use their identity for project activities.

“The use of the identity of the TNI AD in all these documents is intended by the perpetrators to facilitate their actions inbacking project activities. Like packaging LPG tubes, and underground cable installation activities owned by PLN, “he said.

In this case, said Agus, it was not only TNI who was harmed. But also the Police through falsification of identity on the SIM and orders through falsification of identity on the Family Card (KK).

“We, the Army through Kodim 0201 / BS will file a lawsuit against the perpetrators who have now been submitted to Medan Polrestabes for further legal proceedings,” he said.

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The existence of the case, Agus also appealed to all citizens of the city of Medan so it is not easy to believe in those who claim to be TNI soldiers.

When he found a similar case, he also asked residents to immediately crosscheck with the nearest Babinsa or Koramil.

Agus said, the perpetrators who profite the TNI institutions are usually people who are good at communicating.

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(Editor David Oliver Purba)


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