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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic began in the country. transfers Austrian Press Agency.

“What we are currently experiencing is the beginning of the second wave. The number of infected is growing every day, “said Kurz in his emergency address to the population of the country.

According to the Chancellor, if two weeks ago in Austria there were about 350 new infections every day, now this figure has grown to 850. “Soon we will reach the mark of 1,000 new infections per day,” he said.

The most severe epidemiological situation, as said Kurz, has developed in Vienna – the Austrian capital accounts for about half of all new cases.

In Austria began to train dogs to look for infected COVID-19 by smell

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The Chancellor urged residents of the country to take all sanitary safety measures: limit social contacts, wear protective equipment, maintain social distance.

By data Hopkins University, more than 33 thousand cases were recorded in Austria by September 13; 26.7 thousand of them recovered, 756 people died.

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Austria was one of the first European countries where self-isolation was abolished – on May 1, they were allowed to take to the streets, and in June they opened borders. After that in the country began to record an increase in the number of cases and returned to the mask regime.

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