the champagne sector calls on the government for help


Published on : 16/09/2020 – 19:25

While champagne shipments are still lagging behind and estates are losing an average of 25%, the industry is calling on the government for payroll tax exemptions. A call joined by the entire wine industry, Burgundy and Cognac in the lead.

The harvest has just ended in Champagne and Damien Champy sighs. Not of relief, but of dismay. The coronavirus has knocked everyone out, notes the secretary general of the Champagne winegrowers’ union.

« There has never been such a crisis since World War II. During the national and global containment, we had a loss of more than 30 million bottles, which is absolutely huge. Today, it is estimated that the loss in turnover could amount to up to 1.5 billion euros », Indicate Damien Champy.

End-of-year sales should help raise the bar, but strong promotions in supermarkets could undermine those hopes. The producers therefore appeal to the government. ” We wish to be supported, like other sectors, with a temporary exemption from social charges, the time to pass this violent course, asks Maxime Toubart, president of the inter-profession. We pay around 150 million euros per year in social charges in Champagne. »

The entire wine industry is joining this call. After aeronautics, it is wines and spirits that contribute the most to the balance of the French trade balance.


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