The ceremony of awarding talented youth of the region with a scholarship of the Belarusian Peace Foundation was held in Grodno

18:41 22 January 2022

This year, 57 children received awards.

Gifted and talented youth of the Grodno region were awarded a scholarship from the Grodno regional branch of the public association “Belarusian Peace Fund”.

The ceremony took place on January 22 at the Oktyabr cinema. This year, 57 children received awards.


The Belarusian Peace Foundation is one of the most respected organizations in Belarus, and it is no coincidence that the event began with a film showing the work of the foundation over the past five years.


Our public association celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. A lot of good deeds have been done in the Grodno region during this time, – said Ivan Kolbasko, chairman of the Grodno regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Fund. – Over the past five years, more than seven hundred thousand rubles have been allocated from our foundation for charity – this is assistance to healthcare and educational institutions, support for talented youth and more. Today in this hall we are proud to meet those who glorify schools, districts of the region and our Belarus with their work. The most worthy students of the Grodno region have gathered here.


Every year, the public association organizes many events aimed at supporting talented youth. Ivan Kolbasko added: the laureates of the award are talented in everything. Each of them achieved high results in sports, creativity, and scientific activity. Many guys are volunteering. You can talk about each for a long time and a lot. With one of the fellows, the correspondent of “GP” managed to talk personally.

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Nikita Nikulin, a student of the 11th grade of secondary school No. 32 in Grodno, a purposeful, hardworking and responsible guy. Over the past two years, he has become a laureate of numerous technical creativity competitions, and has shown leadership qualities in various events. Moreover, it is the initiator of many volunteer actions.


Of course, nothing comes easy. I study during the holidays, and I can have time to prepare my homework at school, so that in the evening there is time for mathematics, computer science, physics – subjects that I study intensively– shared Nikita.

Ruslan Abramchik, head of the main education department of the regional executive committee, came to the solemn ceremony to thank the laureates for their work and congratulate them on receiving a scholarship.


Today we have gathered the most talented children here in Grodno to thank them for their indifferent position regarding their main duty – study, and, of course, creative achievements.– said Ruslan Abramchik. – “Belarusian Peace Foundation” annually tries for the young people of our country. Peace is not only the absence of war, but the existence of a society in harmony, the opportunity for everyone to be what they want, to get an education, regardless of where a person lives. Therefore, such ceremonies are very important for the guys to feel that they are proud of them, their achievements are important for the country and its well-being.


The scholarship of the Grodno regional branch of the public association “Belarusian Peace Fund” has been awarded since 2003. During this time, about 2,000 schoolchildren, pupils and students of educational institutions of the region became its owners.

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