The centenary of Betty White, a day to help animals

The animal rights organization American Humane has asked fans of the recently deceased actress Betty White to celebrate 100 years since her birth with donations to make the Earth “a better and kinder place for animals”.

The campaign launched online asks to donate this January 17, the day of the centenary of the popular actress of the series the golden girls, a minimum of five dollars for local organizations that deal with the welfare of animals.

White, who was known for her love of animals, was associated with American Humane for many years.

The donation campaign baptized as the “White challenge” uses a phrase attributed to the actress to promote herself: “the way a person puts his hands on an animal says a lot about him”.

American Humane, which boasts of having been founded in 1877, has a close relationship with the entertainment world and its protagonists.

American Humane oversees more than 1,000 productions a year

According to his website, each year he supervises more than 1,000 film and television productions for ensure that “animal actors” se the da safety and humane treatment.

In addition to that, it has among its members many celebrities who speak “on behalf of the voiceless beings that the organization is in charge of protecting”.

Betty White, who died on December 31, 2021, hosted a weekly television show in the 1970s, The Pet Set, dedicated to celebrities and their pets.

Icon of television in the United States and famous throughout the world, White would have turned 100 years old next January 17.

The artist planned to celebrate her centenary with Betty White: 100 Years Young, A Birthday Celebration, a film that will be released in theaters in mid-January to remember the career and life of one of the most beloved actresses in the US, as well as a pioneer in the world of television.

In addition to the golden girls, White left his mark on other very important series on the small screen such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977) the Life with Elizabeth (1952-1955).

Too noted for his humor and personality as a guest in numerous television contests.


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