The Castle of Animals Volume 3, a beautiful cowhide

Le Château des Animaux Tome 3 is this time an example of passive resistance which risks turning against its actors and the very determined Miss B. In this penultimate album, La Nuit des Justes, Xavier Dorison and Félix Delep from his sublime pencil gives the livestock under the influence of resistance fighters both decided and undecided. We are still captivated by the line and the script very worked, adjusted by Dorison, far from neutral with a devilishly manipulative Sylvio.

Where does the terrible Silvio come from before being this cruel bull? Sometimes there are traumas that say a lot about the future. No. 2 becomes the No. 1 mastiff and receives a lesson from its President. The puppies of ex number 1 come crying to Miss B whom their mother calls a hypocrite before leaving the castle. Miss B has moods. The animals would like her to replace Sylvio. But she too has a painful past. The Alezar rat that we thought was dead is back, becoming the mentor of animals in psychological warfare. Miss B reacts, brandishes the flowered banner of revolt. Bella, very interested wife of Sylvio, takes over, advises him, a viper the cow. Provocations, torture, arrests, nothing helps. Animals or Sylvio, smarter than we believe in a dictator, who will win this lying poker game?

The animal castle

Pleasant and obviously political, we could almost link everything to episodes in our history. The daisy for freedom, Sylvio at the post. He has his followers against the very pussy mule. Except he’s a cunning guy. We are charmed by this superb and generous Château. Solidarity as a lethal weapon? Miss B’s courage will be put to the test. Stunning.

The Castle of Animals, Volume 3, The Night of the Just, Casterman, €14.95

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