The Casablanca Stock Exchange ends in the green

Stock Exchange (Casablanca) – The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed on a rebound on Wednesday, after a hesitant session, the index of all stocks, Masi, taking 0.26% to 13,340.81 points (pts).

The Morocco Stock Index (MSI20), an index comprising the 20 most liquid stocks, rose 0.34% to 1,086.76 pts and the Madex, a compact index made up of stocks quoted on a continuous basis, gained 0.23% to 10,812 , 66 pts.

The Casablanca ESG 10, a thematic index that calculates the price performance of socially responsible companies, rose 0.18% to 1,001.83 pts.

With regard to international indices, the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid, a benchmark index that tracks the performance of all liquid securities on the stock market, rose 0.22% to 11,282.52 pts, and the FTSE CSE Morocco 15, made up of the 15 main stocks of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, ranked by market capitalization, gained 0.36%, to 12,536.65 pts.

At the end of the day, 17 stocks closed in the green, against 27 lower, while 30 stocks showed no change.

In terms of sectors, the forestry and paper index rose the most (+ 2.07%), ahead of that of the pharmaceutical industry with 1.08% and the food / production sector with 1 %.

Also on the rise, the banks index rose 0.44%, driven by the good performance of CIH (+ 0.88%), BCP (+ 0.5%), Bank Of Africa (+0.48 %) and Attijariwafa Bank (+ 0.41%).

As for the losers, the index of engineering and industrial capital goods showed the sharpest drop (-4.32%), followed by the chemicals index (-2.19%).

For its part, the real estate investment companies sector fell by -0.88%, and that of real estate participation and development by -0.76%.

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The mining index dropped 0.43%, under the effect of declines in Managem (-0.74%) and Minière Touissit (-0.53%), while the telecommunications sector lost 0.14% .

The overall volume of trade for this session amounted to 87.05 million dirhams (MDH) carried out mainly on the Central market (Shares) and dominated by transactions relating to BCP (16.6 MDH), Sodep -Marsa Maroc (13.51 MDH) and Itissalat Al-Maghrib (10.55 MDH).

Market capitalization, for its part, rose to nearly 687.79 billion dirhams (MMDH).

Individually, Cartier Saada (+ 4.42% at 30 dirhams (DH)), Maghreb Oxygène (+ 2.32% at 399.9 DH), Med Paper (+ 2.07% at 31.99 DH) , Atlantasanad (+ 1.96% to 116.95 DH) and Smi (+ 1.85% to 1,600 DH) recorded the strongest increases.

In contrast, the largest decreases were reported by Stroc Industrie (-5.99% to 46.96 DH), Ib Maroc.Com (-2.77% to 37.2 DH), Snep (-2, 57% to 750 DH), Lesieur Cristal (-2.5% to 187.2 DH) and Res Dar Saada (-2.38% to 30.75 DH).

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