The Casablanca Stock Exchange and Ibn Tofail University seal a partnership agreement

Signed by the Director General of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Tarik Senhaji and the President of Ibn Tofail University, Azzeddine El Midaoui, this agreement sets itself the objectives of promoting the financial markets and popularizing the stock market culture for the benefit of students. Under this agreement, the two parties undertake to work together to further promote the approach of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and develop the relationship between the academic and professional worlds, able to participate in improving the financial education and inclusion among students.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. El Midaoui noted that this agreement aims to develop financial education in higher education establishments, but also to support them in setting up training modules specifically dedicated to the stock market.

After affirming that this convention comes to concretize the establishment of a link that the university “has been seeking for a long time” with the financial world, particularly the stock market, Mr. El Midaoui observed that these partnerships will also have to prepare the students. to enter working life and train them to eventually become responsible and informed investors, capable of carrying out stock market transactions and managing a portfolio of securities.

A partnership aimed at promoting research

For his part, Ahmed Bennani, head of the stock exchange school at Place de Casablanca, indicated that this partnership aims above all to promote research and practical work in the field of financial markets, as well as seminars and the design of educational tools to enable students to be in contact with this market. It will also be an opportunity, he said, to set up channels for the exchange of stock market data and expertise between stock market professionals and university researchers in addition to allowing students to participate in national university competitions. and international.

And to recall that this concretization of the stock market school, unique in Morocco, active for 21 years and the sophistication offered by digital tools and in particular trading tools coupled with institutional sponsors allows, today, to increase the educational impact. actions of this school in favor of the economic generation of tomorrow.

The School of the Stock Exchange is an internal entity of the Casablanca Stock Exchange which annually provides more than fifty training courses for different targets. It offers effective educational tools and recognized assistance. It targets all those interested in the stock market: students, current or potential savers and members of a liberal profession.


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