The capital club has suspended the sale of tickets for the Morgenstern concert

The Moscow club temporarily stopped sales for the next concert of Alisher Morgenstern in this institution. The event was scheduled for Friday. The artist himself does not appear on the social network for more than a day.

The announcement of the suspension of ticket sales for the concert appeared on the organizer’s website. Gipsy doesn’t give any reasons. However, at other sites, such as Yandex.Afisha or Afisha, tickets were still on sale at the time of the creation of the material.

Recall that another scandal around the outrageous artist flared up after the release of his new video for the song “Pablo”. Earlier this week, the incumbent head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, accused Morgenstern of inducing teenagers to use drugs. The head of the Investigative Committee said that the artist “in fact, sells drugs on social networks.” The next day, the rapper left for Belarus incognito – together with his wife Dilara, they were seen on the Lastochka train, which followed from the Russian capital to Minsk. At the same time, the concert director of the performer hastened to reassure the public and announced that Alisher allegedly left for Minsk, because he was invited to an important private event, there was no talk of canceling the concert in Moscow at that time. Morgenstern’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin also did not comment on the situation last Wednesday. At the same time, he expressed fears that pressure from law enforcement agencies would be exerted on his client. As Izvestia reports, referring to its own source familiar with the situation, Morgenstern flew from Minsk to the Emirates. “Alisher Morgenstern is in one of the hotels in Dubai,” the newspaper said.

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The artist himself does not get in touch, does not appear on social networks and does not comment on this story.

As a reminder, Morgenstern’s concert in Kazan was canceled last month. The event was postponed until March 26 next year. The event will take place at the Korston shopping mall.


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