the cantonal police invite bikers to …


“Everyone, biker or not, must avoid the discomfort caused by occupying a hospital bed during this extraordinary situation.” The message of Valais police spokesperson Stève Léger is clear. With the return of sunny days, the institution recommends leaving your bike in the garage.

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“If riding a motorbike were to be inevitable, we demand impeccable road behavior”, asks the Valais police. Through a video posted on her Youtube page, she notes that a simple fall could lead to the occupation of a hospital bed for several days.

And to conclude: “with such wisdom, the image of the biker world will only come out enhanced”.

The police had already launched an appeal on March 17 to avoid certain risky sports activities.

The biker federation approves

On the side of the Valais Motorized Federation, we support this appeal. “Even when driving quietly, you are not immune to an accident which can quickly be serious”, argues its president Thierry Nicolier. “There is a risk of overloading intensive care.”

The prevention video of the Valais police.

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