the cancellations of snow classes “encouraged” by “the lack of instructions” from the Ministry of Education, deplore the elected officials of Savoy


Accommodation centers are the first to be affected but behind, there is all the economic activity of the mountain which is threatened, worries Nicolas Rubin, mayor of Châtel.

The health crisis linked to the coronavirus is causing the serial cancellation of snow classes this winter with significant economic and social consequences for ski resorts, worry mountain elected officials. “The lack of instructions” from the Ministry of National Education in particular “encourage” cancellations of snow classes, said Thursday, September 10 on franceinfo Nicolas Rubin, mayor of Châtel, president of the association of mayors of Haute-Savoie.

franceinfo: Do ​​you have a lot of cancellations?

Nicolas Rubin: Above all, it is the owners of accommodation and vacation centers who receive these negative messages at the end of the summer season when some establishments were already preparing to welcome young audiences in the fall. And there, they already have announcements of cancellations for winter 2020-2021. This is very worrying for the activity which is theirs and especially for the parallel activity which concerns the mountain destination.

Cancellations which should multiply. Are you worried?

Yes, the trip organizers tell us that their order givers who are the trip advisers take very quick cancellation decisions for lack of instructions from the Ministry of National Education. We would like that the heads of establishment, the ordering parties and the organizations prescribing stay can have clear instructions from their supervisory authority to make commitments and not cancel very easily at this time of the year. , knowing that departures will be organized after the Christmas holidays over the period from January to April 2021 and that today, there is no need to worry too much.

It’s a little early to open the umbrella, if I may.Nicolas Rubin, mayor of Châtelto franceinfo

What does these snow classes represent economically?

Behind all the economic activity of these young audiences who will be audiences in the process of becoming adults for the rest of their lives, there are obviously ski instructors, mid-mountain guides who help children discover exceptional things, ski areas, and in particular small ski areas which set very affordable prices for these young audiences and their families and who will once again be weakened in their activity. There is employment, in general. That concerns us a lot for this coming season.

More generally, you fear that the French will not be in the resorts this winter?

Paradoxically, they were really very present this summer on mountain destinations. And we already have reservations that come a lot from the national territory. Now, we would also like children to be considered. I don’t think this is the time for everyone to get down on one knee. The country also needs to keep its head up. Everyone must do their part so that we can all accompany each other and accompany these young audiences to the mountain destination.

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