The Buenos Aires Ministry of Education initiated an administrative summary against the vice-rector of Mariano Acosta

The Ministry of Education of the city of Buenos Aires initiated a administrative summary to the vice-rector of the Escuela Normal Superior N° 2 DE 6 “Mariano Acosta”with the aim of investigating the events that took place during the takeover of the institution last September.

In this context, a video was broadcast “where you can see the teacher in the educational establishment maintaining an attitude that is far from what should be an environment that fosters dialogue and peaceful coexistence”, According to sources from the portfolio led by Soledad Acuña.

The speech of the vice-rector of Mariano Acosta

Thus, they detailed that the action falls under “a breach of both the Teaching Statute (consolidated text Law No. 6,347) and its amended Law No. 6,544, as well as the School Regulations (Resolution No. 4776-MEGC/06 and amendments)”. The ministry stated that, in addition, these attitudes “attempt against the most elementary principles of the practice of responsible citizenship and commitment to the democratic values ​​that support peaceful coexistence in society.”

Julio Pasquarelli, professor of Psychology and Philosophy, is the vice-chancellor of the institution. In one of the broadcast videos he can be heard saying: “I bring with me the intention, the words, the ideas of the entire management team of this school. In me there is a management team that knows that it has a big enough back so that when they touch a single parent, a single student, a single teacher, we are going to go out and fight and we are not going to allow it”.

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Consequently, sources from the educational ministry pointed out that the “norms establish that it is the obligation of the teaching staff ‘to promote harmony in relations between members of the educational community’; observe conduct in accordance ‘with the norms of ethics’ and ‘with the educational function’; as well as ‘performing with dignity, effectively and loyally the functions inherent to his position’; at the same time that it prohibits ‘developing all forms of partisan political proselytism’”.

Take in the Mariano Acosta

“In recent days, a social representation has been installed that politics is bad. The school is politicized, the teachers politicize. Let’s see: we are political subjects, whether we are at school, on the street or wherever the hell it is. For whom is it a problem that students are politicized?” Pasquarelli said.

“I am not going to name any politician, but there are some insects that when they weave a web, when the wind solidifies that network. Far from breaking it, it strengthens it. Here there is a back and everyone who wants to study in a fair, free, sovereign education and for all is going to be banked”, continued the vice-rector.

Minister Acuña, meanwhile, questioned the facts. “At school we educate to form free citizens, with the ability to think and choose their future, and not to download line. We are going to reject and sanction conduct that goes against this principle. We will not tolerate indoctrination in our schools. During the illegal takeover of Mariano Acosta, her vice-chancellor stood in front of the students to encourage the takeover with a microphone in hand and an arrogant attitude that is far from the exemplary character that her role requires, ”the official tweeted.

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And he continued: “Far from generating a space for coexistence and democratic dialogue, these gestures contribute to generate violence and they are a clear example of what we no longer have to allow in Argentina. For this reason, we initiated a procedure to exercise the corresponding sanctions.”

Minutes later, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, joined. “There are limits that cannot be crossed. We will not allow indoctrination; quite the opposite: we are going to continue working so that the boys can think freely. Arrogance and violence are not forms of dialogue and we do not want them for our country,” she wrote on his Twitter account.


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