The Brno Zoo has reconstructed the polar bear pavilion. Cora enjoys a new pool and waterfall – ČT24 – Czech Television


Bear Cora was in a parked enclosure during the reconstruction. “Now she has returned to the exhibition she was used to. Given that it is a water element and loves water very much, we believe that it will like a larger and deeper pool, “said zoo spokesman Michal Vaňáč.

The whole project started with test drilling right in the pavilion. “It turned out that overcoming the pitfalls of the ubiquitous rock would not be easy, but in the end everything worked out. The result is an attractive water element that attracts with both functionality and appearance, “said a zoo spokesman.

The old pool had an area of ​​50 square meters, the new 135 square meters. “It has the shape of an irregular pentagon. Its volume is at a depth of three meters 200 cubic meters. The original plans called for an increase to 100 cubic meters, but in the end we decided to double the volume, “explained Vaňáč.

The zoo wants the bears to find a new partner

The new deeper and larger pool will mean more freedom and comfort not only for the bear Coru. “Thanks to the expansion of the pool and the new facilities, we will meet the conditions for a new and breeding-valuable male, with whom it could give birth to young. We want to continue the very successful breeding of polar bears in Brno, “said the mayor’s deputy Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL). According to him, after the death of the male Umca, it is crucial to find a suitable partner for Cora.

Cora has become the mother of five bear cubs in the past. Especially the first of them, twins Bill and Tom, became a big attraction in 2008. In 2010, the breeding of other cubs failed, the bear ate them. “It just happened to what happens in nature,” the breeders commented at the time. In 2012, Kometa and Nanuk were born, most recently in 2015 the bear Noria.


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