The breeds of dogs that present the most health problems

Making the decision to bring a dog home is something you should think about very well because it will be a lifelong responsibility.

Los dogs They are very intelligent animals and great companions, so you will have to take good care of them.

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There are more than 300 dog breeds all over the world and each one of them usually has different characteristics.

There are some animals that are easy to train due to their character, others that like to play a lot, some that have a particular smell, etc.

But if you’re thinking of having a dog and you don’t know what breed you would like, here we tell you about some that they usually have health problems.

Do you want to know which ones?

The breeds of dogs that present the most health problems

  • pequined
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Boston Terrier
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • english and french bulldogs

In Europe the breeding and possession of these dogs is prohibited since they present many health problems.

This is because the breeders of these breeds looked for characteristics that genetically cause their health to deteriorate over time.

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Dogs brachycephalic like raza Pug have that physical appearance due to a pathology of genetic deviation.

In addition, the muzzle is very short and with folds, the palate is soft and elongated, which causes this dog to have respiratory problems.

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When talking about English and French Bulldogs, experts indicate that this raza He has respiratory and digestive problems.

They also have a hard time regulating their body temperature and tend to be overweight because of their body shape.

when you want a dog this raza breeders must resort to the insemination process.

That is why in Norway or the Netherlands the breeding of these animals is on the prohibited list.

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