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The brass band club held a concert at Kitasuwa Elementary School

On September 12, 2022 (Monday), the brass band club of the Teikyo University Alumni Association Cultural Bureau held a concert at Tama City Kitasuwa Elementary School. This concert was designed for the first-year students of Kitasuwa Elementary School, with the aim of experiencing live brass band performances and having them feel and enjoy many things through the experience of being there with the musicians and instruments.

The members of the brass band stuck papers with the names of the instruments on the music stand, and put together an elaborate program to familiarize themselves with the instruments, such as introducing the timbre and characteristics of each instrument. On the day of the concert, about 70 first-year students and teachers participated after taking measures against the new coronavirus infection and heatstroke, and performed familiar songs such as Mori no Kuma-san and Disney Medley, and the children clapped their hands. I was participating in a performance at After the concert, the representative members of the club went to each classroom with the children and enjoyed playing with their hands to the tune of “Alps 10,000 shaku.” There were questions and impressions such as “It was fun because there was a song that I liked.” For the brass band club, who had fewer opportunities to perform at concerts and competitions due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, it was the first time in a long time that they had a chance to perform on stage. However, it was a meaningful time to interact with the children through the concert and time in the classroom.

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