The Boys: showrunner responds to fans who trashed season 2


The second season of The Boys – 95% hit Amazon Prime Video on September 4, at least its first three episodes. The studio made the decision to release only these chapters on day one, while the rest will arrive on a weekly basis. This situation angered the followers of the show, who took to the platform to give negative reviews to the new season. During a new interview with The Wrap, el showrunner Eric Kripke sent a message to all those fans who attacked the series, assuring that the recent form of broadcast is due to a creative decision, not to maintain subscriptions as they have ensured in networks.

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For this new season, The Boys brings us back to Butcher, Hughie and the rest of the team, who go through a stage of vulnerability before the losses of previous chapters. Now they are marked by the law but at the same time they try to fight against the corrupt superheroes. Once again we find ourselves with the perverse machinations of Vought, the company in charge of leading the lives of superheroes; The corporation takes advantage of the terror caused by the Supervillains, but the appearance of a new superheroine, Stormfront, challenges the company and incidentally the unstable Homelander.

Eric Kripke has been definitive with his words towards fans angered by the weekly broadcasts of The Boys:

I understand that people are disappointed and frankly looking back, we thought we had correctly communicated the change to weekly issues. Clearly, in hindsight, we had to do a lot more than we did to make sure people weren’t surprised or disappointed. I would have done it differently. I mean, again, we announced it. But we should have done it in neon lettering, clearly.

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I understand that people are disappointed, but I think one thing they need to understand is that this is not like a corporate money theft from Amazon, this was from the producers. We wanted this. It was a creative choice. So you may or may not like it, but at least you have to respect that the people who are doing the series wanted it to premiere this way because we wish we had time to slow down a bit and have conversations about everything. So they must at least appreciate that it was a creative choice.

The showrruner concludes by saying:

And then secondly, I don’t find it amazing to damage something you love just because you’re disappointed with the way it’s published. We’re cool, and it’ll be fine, but it’s no fun seeing bad reviews about something people love. That doesn’t make the people doing the show feel good. I will say that.

The comic of The Boys it began to be published in 2006 under the Wildstorm seal, a brand owned by DC Comics. Was created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and the story centers on an early 21st century world in which superheroes are plentiful, yet the vast majority have been corrupted by fame and celebrity status, giving way to behavior problems and excesses. “The Boys” is the name given to a clandestine CIA group made up of people in charge of supervising the activities of superheroes, these characters often end up facing off against superhumans suffering unfortunate consequences.

The television adaptation of The Boys He’s not afraid to poke fun at the other serious-toned abundant series and movies like those produced by the DCEU or Marvel Studios. It is a production that is encouraged to go far beyond what is established and is not afraid to break with the stereotype of the superhero, which is all righteousness, goodness and justice. The few episodes that have been transmitted for the second season have pleasantly surprised the critics and already have very high marks on specialized sites. Although some in the public are furious about the weekly broadcasts of the series on Amazon Prime Video, under no circumstances can we deny that it is a great series.

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