The Birgit Birnbacher Text closet

The Birgit Birnbacher Text closet

Birgit birnbacher reads the text of the cabinet at the invitation of stefan gmünder. You can find an excerpt of the text and the entire text for reading in the. What the observer sees as he approaches the front door this lawn is not a meadow.

Birgit Birnbacher the cabinet 1 that’s not much, but it could be less. What the observer sees as he approaches the front door this lawn is not a meadow, but there and there an animal flies. The exposed concrete square on which the guy from the house across the street sometimes dumps his groceries is clean from the recent thunderstorm.

the austrian author birgit birnbacher has won the ingeborg bachmann award. Your text is about a woman in her mid-thirties who is taking part in a sociological study – and a cupboard.

the cabinet – birgit birnbacher’s winning text at the bachmann prize the salzburg-born author birgit birnbacher won the ingeborg bachmann prize at the 43rd days of german-language literature. She could compete against six other authors on the shortlist for the 25th

Birnbacher, who took part in the event at the invitation of standard literary editor stefan gmünder, won the cupboard with her text. Yannic han biao federer from breisach am rhein can look forward to 7500 euros of the 3sat prize.

Excerpt from the reading by the ingeborg bachmann award winner 2019 birgit birnbacher. She read the cabinet from her text at the invitation of stefan gmünder, literary editor of the vienna.

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The Birgit Birnbacher Text closet


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