The “big bird” emerges from the villagers’ homes, which is actually the green peacock, a national protection animal

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The “big bird” emerges from the villagers’ homes, which is actually the green peacock, a national protection animal

“Big Bird” Green Peacock was properly placed

Morning Post (Reporter Xu Yimei, Correspondent Zhuang Xingxiang/Photo) A few days ago, a family in Xizhuang Village, Dongyuan Township, Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, suddenly rushed into a “big bird” and looked at “the backing is not small”, and the villagers promptly Call the police. After investigation, this is a green peacock, an animal protected by the state.

On the evening of November 18, the Dongyuan Police Station in the Taishang District received a call from the public that a large bird had entered the house. After receiving the police, the police rushed to the scene. According to the description of the policeman, the “big bird” flew from nowhere and suddenly entered the second floor of his house. After inspection by the police on site, this “big bird” was actually a peacock with a body length of about 0.5 meters and some feathers falling off its back. The neck feathers were green, the pinna was gray, and there was no tail feathers. It was preliminarily judged to be a female peacock. The police immediately notified the local forestry department to come and identify the green peacock as a national first-class protected animal.

According to the staff of the forestry department, green peacocks often live in groups. They mainly inhabit tropical and subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests and mixed forests below 2000 meters above sea level. They especially like sparse forest grassland, riverbank or ground edge jungle, and forest grassland. Activities in open areas in the forest, do not like dense tropical rain forests. Green peacocks are mainly found in Yunnan and Tibet in China, but they are rare. According to relevant national regulations, individuals cannot raise protected animals such as peacocks by themselves.

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Subsequently, the police assisted forestry personnel to temporarily place the peacocks in the zoo for treatment and breeding.

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