The best students of the Krasnoyarsk Territory were awarded nominal scholarships

An allowance of five thousand rubles was received by the best students of the region. Personal scholarships were awarded in Krasnoyarsk. This year they were awarded to 32 applicants from all over the region. In general, one hundred and five people participated in the competition. The most worthy were first selected by educational institutions. Then the scholarship committee singled out the best in 13 nominations related to science, sports, creativity, economic and social development.

— The awarding of nominal scholarships is indeed an event in which, like drops of water, the quality of our professional education is reflected. The scholarship should be and will be for you not only material support, but, above all, an inspiring stimulus, – said Alexander Uss, Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Young people who have achieved success in creativity, work or science have been supported by the regional authorities since 2006. Money has been paid since September, so the ceremony of awarding scholarship certificates is taking place right now. Support is for a year. By tradition, at the end of the celebration, one of the laureates speaks in return. This year it was Marianna Tsurikova. By the 4th year of study, she is already developing her own clothing line and has even set up sales via the Internet.

— I constantly participate in professional events related to fashion design. Of the latter, I won the Siberian Brands design workshop project, took second place in the Delphic Games in the Fashion Design category. In fact, there are many plans for a scholarship, because you need to buy a lot of things – from cars to fabrics to accomplish new cool ideas and ideas, – shared Marianna Tsurikova, a student at the Krasnoyarsk College of Services and Entrepreneurship.

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