The best natural treatments with chestnuts

Chestnuts have proven to be a great natural treatment for varicose veins, bruises, dislocations, thrombosis, varicose ulcers, cramps, venous and lymphatic insufficiency and many other conditions. It’s good to know that even hemorrhoids manage to get hacked.

Chestnut tincture, excellent against varicose veins

If you want to get rid of unsightly and painful varicose veins, you should try chestnut tincture. You need 300 grams of chestnuts and a liter of alcohol (40 degrees). The chestnuts are placed in a jar and alcohol is added over them. Leave it like this for two weeks, then strain it. You need to take 20 drops every day.

It helps you get rid of hemorrhoids

In the case of hemorrhoids, drug treatments are not very effective. However, it seems that a chestnut cream gave excellent results. Here’s how to prepare it: you need 30 chestnut leaves and 100 ml of alcohol. The leaves are placed in a bowl and alcohol is added over them. Leave it like this for a day. Grease the affected area 3 times a day with this composition.

Find out on in what other conditions chestnut cures are indicated!

When emotions become traumas

The vine protects you from many ailments

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