The best management practices in the field of inclusive education will be studied during an internship in the Lipetsk region

The internship of regional management teams under the additional professional program “Effective models of inclusive education: organizational and managerial aspect” will be held in person in the Lipetsk region on May 16-17, 2022.

Representatives of the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation that manage education in the field of education are invited to participate in the internship; members of management teams of municipal authorities in the field of education; as well as leaders of educational organizations.

Participants of the internship will study the unique experience of interregional interaction in the framework of the development and support of inclusive practice, get acquainted with the successful management practices of the municipal system of inclusive education, and also learn about the mechanisms of financial support for the conditions of inclusive education.

As a result of the internship, participants will gain experience in using support technologies for educational organizations that implement inclusive education, both in basic and additional education for children, as well as experience in organizing interaction with parent associations.

Registration for the internship is open! Sign up link.

Internship program

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