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The best cultural plans for this weekend

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Street movement



Those from Kukai and the Brodas Bros meet again, and to gather dances that at first seem very distant, in the Plaza del Arriaga this afternoon, at 7:30 p.m.. A perfect time to do ‘Toba’, that fusion – without fusion, because what it is about is that each one does what he knows how to do and puts it in common with the other – between traditional Basque dances (Kukai style) and the most street, urban and ‘ hip-hopero ‘(that of the Brodas). The versatility of movement, the ability to express whatever the tradition, the connection points, and the fact of taking to the streets, are demonstrated in this piece choreographed by Jon Maya and Lluc Fruitós, Basque and Catalan.

And we planted already in August… and there are still opportunities to enjoy dance, so it will be necessary to write that of ‘there is no evil that does not come for good’ – that other years, at this point in the calendar the agenda has long since been emptied completely -. Natxo Montero, a creator with a long history, goes out twice in these first days of the month. The 3 will be in the Ugarte Square in Otxarkoaga in the afternoon and the 5, at noon, at the back of the Begoña basilica with ‘urban fallow’, a piece that resonates a lot in these times we live. The land as a metaphor for waiting and the transition to a new cycle, as a starting point, and the fallow state as what makes it possible to abandon the rush, the obligations, and just be, wait.

As a tip, a ‘must’ of outdoor cinema loaded with good music: the screening of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. And twice as much this Saturday. It will be at Goiko Plaza de Bermeo and in the green area of ​​the Sopela Town Hall. Maaaamaaa, what a good plan.

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July 30. Plaza del Arriaga (Bilbao), 7:30 p.m.

‘Urban fallow’

August 3 at the Plaza Ugarte in Otxarkoaga (Bilbao) at 7:30 p.m. August 5 in the rear Plaza of the Basilica of Begoña (Bilbao) at 12.00

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

August 1. Goiko Plaza de Bermeo at 21:30 and Plaza de Ayuntamiento de Sopela at 22:00.


Classical music

Musical tributes in the middle of summer

  BY César Coca

BY César Coca

The classical musical offer is sold out in Bilbao and gives way to festivals a hundred kilometers to the east and west. But before the curtain goes down we have two interesting proposals for the next few days. Proposals that also have the virtue of offering little-known repertoires. Even little-known authors for quite different reasons.

Navarrese whim (July 30) is a concert for voice and piano, with Andrea Jiménez and Rinaldo Zhok. It consists of songs in various languages (French, Italian, Basque and Spanish) by three Navarrese composers. Pablo Sarasate is the best known internationally, but he is especially so for his violin works. As a performer, his fame crossed Europe and hence important composers such as Saint-Saëns, Wieniawki and Bruch dedicated to him. However, he also composed songs, and several of them will be at this concert. It shares a program with others by Joaquín Gaztambide and Emilio Arrieta, these mainly known for their zarzuelas, but rare outside of stage performances.

And already in August (day 2) a young pianist from Llodio, Antonio Oyarzabal, will debut at the Euskalduna, with a concert titled ‘The Forgotten Muse’, composed of works by composers. It is a compilation of short but high-quality pieces signed by women who were left in the shadow of their male colleagues and only recently are beginning to come to light. Oyarzabal has carried out an investigation work that will have its final result in an album with the same repertoire.


Navarrese whim

Andrea Jiménez, soprano; Rinaldo Zhok, piano. Works by Sarasate, Arrieta and Gaztambide. Euskalduna, OE room. July 30, 8 p.m. Price: 14.50 euros.



The invisible cord

For Teresa Down

For Teresa Down

‘Ultrasounds’ is the theatrical adaptation of a story by Karmele Jaio that captivated actress Irene Bau. She plays a woman who travels to Africa to adopt a girl and remembers her own childhood, expresses the emotions and fears that motherhood awakens in her. In an intimate tone, with attention to the small, this monologue pulls “the invisible cord that, even if it is cut, unites us for life with our parents and our children to unravel the hidden soul of the feelings about which we do not speak.”

The play premiered in 2011, when Pavilion 6 began its journey, and takes a second life in this billboard that rediscovers the power of monologues. The staging with audiovisual projections and music contribute to creating an atmosphere of immersion in the memories and dreams of the protagonist. The director, Ramón Barea, does not seek to add striking elements but to emphasize the simplicity of the message so that it reaches the viewer directly. He usually says that “the most difficult thing is simplicity” and that is something that we are verifying, and enjoying, when we return to savor the theater in times of pandemic.



Hall 6 (Bilbao).


July 30 and 31 and August 1 (8:00 p.m.) and August 2 (7:00 p.m.).



Grotesque humanity

By Gerardo Elorriaga

By Gerardo Elorriaga

Enrique Marty speaks of an individual condemned both to failure and to his own destruction.

This very unique year has also disrupted the usual cycles on the art agenda. In July, when the exhibition program usually closes, a handful of exhibitions have opened and some private galleries will keep their doors open in August. ‘Reino del Regimen Muñeco’ is one of those proposals that will be maintained throughout the summer and, in addition, it is especially suggestive. The exhibition allows us to get to know the work of Enrique Marty, one of the most interesting artists on the national scene.

The project that we can contemplate in Espacio Marzana combines video, painting and sculpture, from a very personal point of view. The audiovisual is an artisanal production generated by the superposition of drawings, in the manner of home frames, and the objects emulate Lladró’s aesthetics but with a shameless and disturbing perspective. The author exhibits both the preparatory works and the resulting work.

Marty’s motley job is not complacent. Her gaze is somber and reveals despair over the human race for its capacity for destruction and violence. The myth of Sisyphus, exposed in the video, exemplifies that disturbing vision of the failure of the individual, condemned to fail in all his attempts at redemption. The author’s existentialism flies over this work with Goya echoes in the staging and marked by a link with German expressionism through the parallelism with the grotesque and disturbing world of Otto Dix.

‘Kingdom of the Snowman Regime’


Marzana space (Bilbao).


Until September 18.



Chords at the vermouth

This strange summer is also offering a very special musical agenda. No large format festivals or concerts in popular festivals, but with a large number of local and national bands like we have never seen before. Many acoustic concerts, and of course, seats to guarantee the safety distance and, of course, the mask. Well, while the number of shows continues to increase with droppers, this weekend we recommend taking an excursion to Durango to enjoy María Rivero.

This balmasedana singer will present her album ‘Parentesiak’ at the Plateruena de Durango, which was released in early June. After recording a dozen albums with bands like ‘Siroka’, she has now dared solo on an intimate and delicate album. María Rivero’s best instrument is her sweet voice full of personality. Accustomed to singing mainly in Basque, a few months ago she released ‘Arina’, her first single. And set to discover new records and settings, why not enjoy the concert at an unusual time. She will perform in a duo format at 1:00 p.m., with enough time to make an afternoon excursion or who knows! take advantage of the trip and take an excursion.

Maria Rivero


Plateruena, Durango.


Sunday at 1 p.m.


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