The Best Back-of-Box and Back-of-Bag Recipes

“I always thought it was an old family recipe passed down from my grandmother. When I discovered the truth, I was blown away.

Chances are you have family recipes or favorite recipes that hold a special place in your heart. The people of the BuzzFeed community and r/Cooking subreddit share amazing cooking secrets that turned out to be true.


“My grandma always showed up for the holidays with a special cheese dip and told us it was a special family recipe. Two years ago, my mom finally gave me the recipe. I found out it was just Rotel dip.


“I worked at a fine dining restaurant that was famous for its cheesecake. It was cream cheese mixed with marshmallow fluff in a store-bought graham cracker crust.”


“The spinach dip recipe in the Knorr vegetable soup mix package is my secret weapon. People ask me for the recipe every time I make it. I try to go to the grocery store and buy the soup mix to find the recipe.” When I say that, they look surprised.”


“My grandmother is from Italy, and people always assume she has to cook delicious, authentic Italian food. It turned out not to be. Anyone could make it. It’s been stewed all day. ”


“I asked my grandma for a brownie recipe, but she finally gave up. Betty Crocker’s Super Fudge, but she mixes the fudge packets in instead of topping them. ‘s favorite snack is a box.”


“My secret fudge recipe, which has been kept a secret for decades, is literally just melt chocolate chips and add sweetened condensed milk. Everyone in my family knows I’m a professional fudge maker. I am thinking.”


“My wife came back from Norway and told me that she fell in love with that magical spice that makes everything taste great. Sprinkling really elevates the dish, and people can be afraid of it because they’ve been misinformed about the health effects of MSG. Unless I do, I will continue to add MSG to my food without telling anyone.


“Everybody thinks I make the best chocolate chip cookies. I just follow the recipe on the back of the Toll House chocolate chip bag.”


“I asked my grandmother for the recipe for banana pudding and now everyone asks me to make it.


“My boyfriend is always amazed at how delicious my scrambled eggs are. He’s convinced I have the magical power of scrambled eggs. I finally realized that he didn’t know that.”


“My snickerdoodle recipe is a family favorite. “


“When I was a kid, there was an oyster dressing recipe that was like family lore. On my first Thanksgiving away from my family, pen and paper in hand, I called my aunt for the recipe. Her secret : “Take a box of stuffing and put a can of oysters in it. Strangely, after that conversation, it never tasted better.”


“My mom used to make the best banana bread when I was a kid. Later she told me she used the recipe behind gold medal flour. It’s delicious every time!”


“My grandma’s ‘secret’ fudge recipe is on the back of a marshmallow fluff jar.”


“When my grandmother passed away, I inherited her cookbook, which was all hand-written recipes. That’s when I learned that her famous baked beans started with a can of baked beans.”


“I was so excited when I received my grandmother’s box of recipes. Then I realized that most of them were clippings from the back labels of easy-to-cook foods.”


“I have a baker friend. She just adds sour cream to a box of cake mix.”


“The ‘secret recipe’ for green bean casserole is literally the recipe behind the French fried onion box, with the addition of bacon and grilled onions. It’s a hit every year.”

twenty one.

“My favorite chocolate cake is from the recipe behind the Hershey’s Cacao Mix box. Every time I make it, people love it!”

twenty two.

“I knew this old lady who was famous for her biscuits. One day a restaurant asked her to make biscuits for them. Everyone knew her biscuits contained bisquit, but no one knew her exact recipe. I was using it.

twenty three.

“My mom makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. I eventually asked her where her recipe came from, assuming it was passed down from her grandmother or something. told me it was a Toll House recipe and I was on the floor.”

twenty five.

“If I’m cooking something that requires bread crumbs, I use the chicken flavored stovetop filling instead. I also use it as mini croutons for salads.”


“Whenever I make cheese sauce, I add processed cheese like Kraft shingles. It basically turns it into Velveeta. It revolutionized my homemade mac and cheese game.”

So tell us your amazing cooking secrets and recipe hacks. ”Wow I didn’t expect that. ” Let us know in the comments below!

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