The BENZINE selection of Parisian concerts in April 2023

“In April, do not discover yourself with a thread”, says popular wisdom. For the Parisian concerts, it will be rather “in April, don’t lose the thread”, because if the big names will be rarer than in March, month of opulence, there will be almost every evening conflict between several concerts worth the trouble: a veritable plethora of exciting groups and artists from around the world who will take the Parisian stages by storm! Here is the program, necessarily partial, of the month…

Sunday April 2:

Girl In Red (Olympia) [Indie Pop – Norvège]

Monday April 3:

The Lathums (Leather goods) [Britpop – GB]
The Slow Death (Supersonic) [Punk rock – USA]

Tuesday April 4:

Lug (Leather goods) [Noise / Shoegaze – France]
SAID (Small Bath) [Post punk – GB]
The Haunted Youth (Black Ball) [Rock – Belgique]
The K (Supersonic) [Noise rock – Belgique]

Wednesday April 5:

The Answer (The Savigny le Temple Footprint) [Blues rock / hard rock – GB]
Egyptian Blue (Supersonic) [Post punk – GB]
The Comet Is Coming (trabendo) [Jazz / funk / rock psyché – GB]
The Godfathers (Small Bath) [Pub rock / rock’n’roll – GB]
Motorists (International) [Rock – Canada]

Thursday April 6:

Alex G (trabendo) [Indie Rock – USA]
The TwoLuxuries (Supersonic) [Garage psyché – Canada]

Friday, April 7:

Kyoto Kyoto (Supersonic) [Noise rock – GB]
Shonen Knife (Small Bath) [Pop punk – Japon]

Saturday April 8:

Dune Rats (Black Ball) [Rock – Australie]
Johnnie Carwash + Ottis Heart (The Clef St Germain in Laye) [Garage Pop – France]
Siberia (International) [Post rock – Espagne]

Monday April 10:

The Last Internationale (trabendo) [Rock – USA]
Miners of Muzo (International) [Garage – Pays-Bas]
The Psychotic Monks (Leather goods) [Avant garde – France]

Tuesday April 11:

The Orielles (Ephemeral Point) [Indie rock – GB]
Palatine (Leather goods) [Folk rock – France]

Wednesday April 12:

Cassels (International) [Punk rock – GB]
The Big Sophia (Cicada) [Rock / chanson – France]
Theo Lawrence (Black Ball) [Rock – France]
Lovejoy (Leather goods) [Indie Rock – GB]
Nick Oliveri (Supersonic Records) [Acoustic Punk rock – USA]

Thursday April 13:

Theo Lawrence (Black Ball) [Rock – France]
panel building (Supersonic) [Post punk – Allemagne]
The Murderous Vulvas (Leather goods) [Punk rap – France]

Friday April 14:

Grandma’s Ashes (Leather goods) [Prog Rock / Stoner – France]
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys (Supersonic) [Art rock – Allemagne]
Theo Lawrence (Black Ball) [Rock – France]

Saturday April 15:

Golden Day (Trianon) [Rock psyché / Musique traditionnelle – Pays-Bas]
Charlie Winston (The Ris Orangis Plan) [Blues / Folk – GB]

Sunday April 16:

Golden Day (Trianon) [Rock psyché / Musique traditionnelle – Pays-Bas]
Mother’s Cake (Leather goods) [Rock psyché / Space rock – Autriche]

Monday April 17:

Bo Ningen (Supersonic) [Alternative rock – Japon/GB]
David Eugene Edwards (Small Bath) [Folk rock / Blues rock – USA]

Tuesday April 18:

The Luka State (Supersonic) [Indie Rock – GB]
Swell (Small Bath) [Indie Rock – USA]

Wednesday April 19:

Dominique A (Olympia) [Rock / Chanson – France]
Jonathan Bree (trabendo) [Indie Pop – Nlle Zélande]
The Datsuns (Leather goods) [Hard rock – Nlle Zélande]
Bad Breeding (Supersonic) [Punk hardcore – GB]

Thursday April 20:

errorr (International) [Noise pop – Allemagne]
Tori Amos (Olympia) [Rock – USA]

Friday April 21:

Waiting for Ana (The Ris Orangis Plan) [Indie Rock – France]
Ryan Adams (Trianon) [Rock – USA]
Anna B Savage (Black Ball) [Rock / Chanson – GB]
Cam Cole (Supersonic) [Blues Rock – GB]
eels (Pleyel room) [Indie Rock – USA]

Sunday April 23:

Bill Callahan (Trianon) [Alt country – USA]
Marquis (Small Bath) [Post punk – France]
The Mission (trabendo) [Post punk – GB]

Monday April 24:

Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Trianon) [Hip Hop / Rock – USA]

Tuesday April 25:

Nick Waterhouse (Black Ball) [R’n’B / soul / jazz – USA]
Show Me The Body (Leather goods) [Punk hardcore – USA]

Wednesday April 26:

BRNS (Supersonic) [Indie Rock – Belgique]
Katie Noise (Olympia) [Folk Rock – GB]
The Tallest Man on Earth (Cicada) [Folk – Suède]
Kenny Wayne Shepperd (Bataclan) [Blues – USA]

Thursday April 27:

Dives (Supersonic) [Indie Rock – Autriche]
Th’ Losing Streaks (International) [Garage Punk – USA]
I have it (Cicada) [Indie Rock / Avant garde – USA]

Friday April 28:

Opus Kink (Supersonic) [Post punk – GB]
Levitation Room (Ephemeral Item) [Rock psyché – USA]
Mars Red Sky (Leather goods) [Heavy rock – France]
Nina Nastasia (Archipelago) [Indie Rock / Folk – USA]

Saturday April 29:

Kas Product (Leather goods) [Cold Wave – France]

Sunday April 30:

Kim Logan & The Silhouettes (Supersonic) [Stoner blues – USA]
Lost Cat (International) [Garage – USA]
Verdena (Leather goods) [Rock alternatif – Italie]

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