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January 30, 1969 Apple Building “Rooftop Concert” (C) 2021 Apple Corps Ltd. All Rights Reserved

The Beatles, “the most famous rock band in the world”. Their documentary program “The Beatles: Get Back” will be exclusively distributed on the video distribution service “Disney Plus” from November 25th for three consecutive nights.

The Beatles, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, is a four-piece rock band born in Liverpool, a port city in England. He made his debut with the song “Love Me Do” in the 1960s, when youth culture was at its peak.

With an attitude that is not afraid of change and an insatiable spirit of inquiry, “Help! The Beatles, who released a number of famous songs such as “Yesterday” and set a Guinness record with 1 billion records sold. The impact on the world in a short activity period of less than eight years, such as creating trends in cultures other than music such as fashion and hairstyles, is immeasurable.

The Beatles @ Apple Studio (C) 2021 Apple Corps Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

This documentary was recorded in January 1969. It was a time when each member’s solo activities became active and the dissolution was whispered. In the play, there are 14 songs including the famous songs “Let It Be” and “Get Back”, as well as the appearance of four people making songs and holding sessions to return to the origin of the live from the idea of ​​”returning to the origin”. It contains the moment when a new song is created from the beginning.

In addition, the 42-minute “Rooftop Concert” on the rooftop of the London Apple headquarters, which was their last live, is recorded in the first uncut version in history. The work, which has been restored and edited over 57 hours of unreleased video and 150 hours of unreleased sound source over 3 years, is likely to be enjoyable not only by fans but also by younger generations who do not know them.

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The work will be distributed on “Disney Plus” at 5 pm each day from November 25th to 27th, and members of the service will be able to watch it at any time after distribution. Visit the official website for membership fees.

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