“The battle is being lost”, they warn from the La Plata School of Medicine


“He collapse of the healthcare system is near. Resources to treat coronavirus patients are running low. Most of the hospitals, and especially the Intensive Care Units in the country, find themselves with a very high level of bed occupancy ”, as they report their concern in a open letter the teachers and the body that makes up the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of La Plata (UNLP)

“We feel that doctors, nurses, physical therapists and all members of the health team are losing the battle against the pandemic,” they say. Signed by Arnaldo Dubin and Judith Bernstein, the faculty asked society individual responsibility to maintain isolation. “In the dramatic context of one of the most serious health crises in Argentine history, the professors of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of La Plata express our most extreme concern about the current situation,” they say.

“The health personnel and the health system are on the brink of collapse. And, if this happens, the scenario we saw in other countries could be repeated. We must insist on explaining to the population that isolation has saved thousands of lives in our country and the world. Health workers cannot defeat the pandemic alone. We need the help of the whole of society, “they wrote.

Our greatest anguish, however, is the human resource”, Defended the work of colleagues and health professionals. “The situation in which healthcare personnel find themselves, which, unlike beds and respirators, cannot be multiplied. Intensivists, in particular, who were already few before the pandemic, today are at the limit of their strength, “they say in the letter.

“Is it so thinned by disease, physically and emotionally exhausted, due to continuous and intense work, attending more and more patients ”. They warn that “health personnel need more than one job to live and the salaries are far from the remuneration for the enormous dedication and responsibility that their task deserves. Despite all these problems, go ahead with an inalienable commitment ”.

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And they call for reflection on the individual behavior of those who fail to comply with the isolation and care measures: “There seems to be realities. One is that of the hospitals with the brutal and unequal fight against disease and death. Another, that of the streets and squares, with more and more people who want to enjoy, who claim their rights, people who feel good for now, who don’t keep their distance and it is not protected”, They warn.

“Health workers alone cannot defeat the pandemic: we need the help of the whole of society as a whole,” they ask.



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