The Atlantic Copper Foundation announces its university scholarship program

The Atlantic Copper Foundation has opened the 13th Call for Scholarships aimed at university students from Huelva for the 2022-2023 academic yearwith which the Huelva-based entity contributes to defray the expenses for the payment of enrollment, in the event that they are not covered by the grant from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training or for other reasons, the acquisition of school material, the travel expenses or others depending on their family income levels.

The deadline for submitting applications will end on December 31.

Antonio de la Vega, General Director of the Atlantic Coppe Foundationr, has highlighted that “these scholarships, which have been in force for more than a decade, were the first action of our Foundation, launched in 2009. Each year the number of applications and the total number of scholarships awarded has been exceeded. The help that we always receive from the University of Huelva in the task of awarding these scholarships is noteworthy”. The bases of the call are available at this link: UHU grant award regulations

Since its first call in In 2009, the Atlantic Copper Foundation awarded a total of 649 scholarships, including international ones, for a total amount of nearly six hundred thousand euros (€592,665).

concretely, Last year, a total of 107 Huelva university students benefited from this aid, with the particularity that 80% of the beneficiaries have been women. Likewise, the majority have studied at the University of Huelva (97), although aid has also been granted for young Huelva students at the University of Seville (8) and the Pablo de Olavide University (2).

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The Atlantic Copper Foundation Scholarship Program aims to promote the human, economic, social and cultural development of the province of Huelva through the training of young people, so that everyone has the same opportunities for personal development and professional. In this sense, they facilitate access to higher education for young people from Huelva from unfavorable socioeconomic backgrounds. Likewise, they reward excellence in the educational field, so that in order to qualify for aid it is necessary for students to obtain good academic results.

Academic excellence

To apply for scholarships, students who start their university studies They must have obtained a minimum average grade of 8 out of 10 in the University Entrance Exam or in the academic record of the Higher Level Vocational Training (FPGS), having enrolled at the University of Huelva with a minimum of 60 credits and not having repeated the Baccalaureate course or in the training cycle of origin.

On the other hand, university students who opt for the first time or request the renewal of a previously awarded scholarship must, in the case of undergraduate studies, have passed all the credits enrolled in the previous year, formalize a registration for a minimum of 60 credits and have a minimum grade point average of 8.25 for studies in the Faculty of Humanities; 8 for Education Sciences, Nursing, Work Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Law, Business and Tourism, and 7.5 for Engineering, Architecture and Technical Education.

Lastly, for Official Master’s degrees, they must be enrolled for a minimum of 60 credits or the maximum number allowed by the University of Huelva’s own regulations, in addition to having a minimum average grade in the previous course or an average grade of the academic record of 8 according to the center of the degree of origin. The Award Committee will choose one or another criterion based on the number of credits passed in the last year of the degree for access to the master’s degree.

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To be eligible for one of these grants, that are granted in various modalities to both undergraduate and master’s studentsapplicants must have Spanish nationality, come from a socioeconomic environment in which it is difficult for them to pursue university studies without support and, specifically, meet or be close to the income and assets requirements established in the general call for scholarships from the Ministry of Education.

The beneficiaries of the scholarships of the Atlantic Copper Foundation will obtain a general aid for the payment of the amount of the official public price of their tuition, provided that this is not covered by a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training or another equivalentalong with other specific aid of three types: for academic material (type A), for academic material and travel expenses (type B) and for academic material, travel expenses and stay away from the family home (type C).

About the Atlantic Copper Foundation

The Atlantic Copper Foundation is a non-profit entity, launched in 2009, to continue, develop and manage the social action of the founding company. The Foundation has allocated more than 5.3 million euros until the 2021 financial year, developing strategic agreements with more than 45 entities and directly or indirectly benefiting more than 50,000 people.

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