the animals were reportedly mistreated in Latvia

His word was expected. The management of the Ecozonia park is publishing a long press release on Tuesday to detail the results of the investigation. Five weeks later the escape of four wolves freshly arrived in the new animal park of Pyrénées-Orientales, Ecozonia defends itself and denounces acts of mistreatment that occurred in the original park of the six wolves, the Riga Zoo, in Latvia. In the weeks following the escape, three of the wolves were found and shot. The last animal still remains in the wild.

The audit, carried out at the beginning of February, traces the course of the canines, from Riga Zoo to Ecozonia park. The park “has received inaccurate or partial information on many points by Riga Zoo, in particular concerning the non-disclosure of information on animal behavior despite numerous requests by email“, writes the management.

One of the wolves nicknamed “Psycho”

Among the six canines arriving from Latvia, one of them was visibly aggressive. “The animal was not afraid of humans“and”this essential information was not previously revealed to the management of EcoZonia.

According to the management of the new Pyrenees-Orientales park, Psycho would have been high “by hand, in human dwellings“; he therefore considers man as a fellow with which he can compete. On the other hand, “the wolves did not know the electric fence contrary to what had been indicated by Riga Zoo.”

“The animals were transported under conditions […] contrary to animal welfare. “

In its press release, the management of Ecozonia continues the story of the arrival of the wolves. “Clinical signs (broken fangs, torn claws) and the condition of the transport boxes (lacerated hatch and broken stainless steel bowl) testify to the significant stress suffered by the animals.

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The animal park denounces the conditions “intolerable“transport, with a much longer than normal journey. Management could file a complaint.

The adapted park enclosure

The audit reveals that the design of the wolf enclosure in Ecozonia Park is “adapted“and has never been a problem in other zoos. “The dimensions of the mesh, the diameter of its wire and its quality, are not in question.“It was nevertheless decided to reinforce all the fences of Ecozonia.

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