The animal world and ethics

Diego Llontop, a professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Lima, was the guest speaker on the last Psychology Thursday of the semester, on June 24. The speaker was in charge of the talk “Psychological aspects in relation to animal ethics”, in which he clarified several points around this topic.

Llontop announced some conclusions that he has reached in his article of the same name, which has been working with the Circle of Philosophy Studies of our University, of which he is coordinator.

The project “reviews with a critical eye the discursive tradition around the debate on the animal condition”. Supported by authors such as Baruch Spinoza and Peter Singer, he questions the tendency to understand humans as beings from a kingdom alien to that of animals and defends a gradualist approach.

Finally, Llontop pointed out that a kind of “north” of the exhibition was an idea of ​​Charles Darwin, who affirmed that “however considerable the difference between the spirit of man and that of the highest animals, it is only a difference of degree. and not of species ”, which implies that differences are not denied or equalized beyond the obvious.


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