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It is one of the most cancheras and decorative plants that exist. It is divine in large spaces and in combination with other species of green leaves. Here we tell you all its curiosities and care so that you can get to know it better.

If you are browsing Instagram and Pinterest, it is very likely that you have ever come across this plant.

Alocasia zebrina It is one of the most desired species that parades through the different inspiration apps, falling in love at first sight with its flashy thin and long stems, with a pattern similar to “animal print”.

It is a plant with a high decorative potential. Photo: Pinterest

This variety of Alocasia that captures all the flashes, is native to South America and stands out above others of its kind.

Its particular stem makes it stand out above others of its kind. Photo: Pinterest

It is an upright plant, with thin and long stems that culminate in large green spear-shaped leaves.

It is divine in combination with other species of green leaves. Photo: Pinterest

Like any plant with large leaves, it is ideal for wide open spaces.

It needs a very wide space to be able to grow and develop without problems. Photo: Pinterest

But not everything is rosy, since this plant can be toxic to children and petsso it is recommended to always keep it away and/or supervised.

Its care is relatively simple, so it is suitable for beginners. Photo: Pinterest

Basic care of Alocasia zebrina

  • Light and location: It needs a very spacious and bright space but without direct sun.
  • Temperature: Being of tropical origin, it prefers the warmest ones that oscillate between 18 ºC and 23 ºC. It is recommended to avoid those below 10 ºC since it might not resist them.
  • Irrigation: they should be frequent but moderate, always avoiding flooding. Spraying its leaves regularly is key to give it much-needed moisture.
  • Substratum: rich in nutrients, porous and with good drainage that aerates the roots and prevents waterlogging.
  • Fertilizer: During the spring and summer months, you can apply a specific fertilizer for green or indoor plants with the irrigation water.
Its striking stems and XL leaves make it one of the most desired plants. Photo: Pinterest

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