The Angels: An iconic candidate transformed, she does not look like that at all


An emblematic candidate of the Angels has metamorphosed, she does not look like that at all. To find out who it is, it’s here!

While Sarah Lopez as a couple is announced to the casting of a reality TV show, an emblematic candidate of Anges has metamorphosed. To find out who it is, little riddle! Known since she won Secret Story 3, the young woman then chained the programs. Indeed, she participated in Anges 3 and 10. In 2011, the candidate got into a relationship with footballer Jérémy Menez. Together, they have two children: Maëlla and Menzo. Lately, the young woman we are talking about was seen on the show Moms and Famous. So, did you guess? Yes, this is Emilie Nef Naf! As you can see from the post below, the candidate shared her physical transformation on social media.

On Instagram, Emilie Nef Naf revealed to have gained ten kilograms. In the caption of a photo of her, the young woman said: “2017 vs 2020. Well ok, I got a little bigger but as I said (…) the important thing is not the number on the scale but how you feel in your body”. The former candidate of Anges transformed and since then she seems to feel better about her body. In the comments of her publication, many Internet users reacted and we can say that the transformation of the young woman is unanimous. We can read : “Canon”, “Much prettier and a real femme fatale body at 64kg” or “You are perfect”. So these are words that should please Emilie Nef Naf. Also, know thatAurélie Dotremont officially single, has made an announcement.

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