The Altai branch of the Russian Children’s Fund is working in a mode of increased loads

For the third year, the Altai regional branch of the Russian Children’s Fund has been working in a mode of increased workload, often making decisions from the wheels, according to the situation, as they say. This is how we manage to solve the issues of social support for families with children in the most difficult conditions.

There is no excess

Oksana Ovchinnikova, its head, told the residents of the region about how the regional department works today during an Internet forum.

According to her, everything works out because the state, business, volunteers and, of course, four (in total!) employees of the fund are working together:

– What seemed impossible in the morning, by the evening turns out to be on the list of completed tasks. Monday is immediately followed by Friday. The days are passing by, followed by weeks, months… It seems that we have just held events for June 1, and soon the new academic year is gaining momentum, the “Hello, school!” campaign is gaining momentum. How do we work during this difficult period? With us are friends devoted to the foundation and the ideals of serving children. There were also new patrons, including those outside the region. It’s nice that our work is appreciated by other regions so much that they are ready to invest in our charitable projects and help children.

Any help is welcome right now. The fund has many friends, but its expenses have also increased for the needs of sick children: the process of replacing import positions with domestic medicines and equipment is not as fast as we would like, and the prices for “imports” have jumped several times with the imposition of sanctions …

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We remind you that every resident of the region can contribute to helping families in a difficult life situation by participating in the Let’s Support a Child marathon. Plus, the fund’s employees use grant and competitive opportunities. Now they live in anticipation of the results of the #WeTogether contest. The prize for the winner is funds from the state for the implementation of a project dedicated to the problems of childhood tuberculosis – from 1.3 to 3.5 million rubles. This year brought victory in the competition for projects for a grant from the Governor of the Altai Territory, the regional department hopes that the competition for projects of the Presidential Grants Fund will be successful for them.


So many long-term programs are now being implemented by the regional branch of the RDF. The most famous and large-scale event has been running for 13 years already – the Let’s Support a Child marathon with the assistance of the Government of the Altai Territory. The collected funds are used to help families with seriously ill children pay for travel to federal clinics and purchase medical equipment.

“No to childhood tuberculosis!” – a program for children undergoing treatment in tuberculosis medical institutions of the region, launched in 2004.

Scholarship named after R.S. Fedorova – she supports talented children with achievements in the field of art, boys and girls with disabilities, from foster families and large families. For five years, 50 young talents have become scholarship holders.

Scholarship named after V.F. Chudimov – for young athletes with special needs – is being implemented for the second year.

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“Urgent social assistance” – the name speaks for itself: the program is activated in the most difficult situations – if one of the parents has died, there has been a fire or other force majeure.

“Gift of Santa Claus”, “International Children’s Day”, “Hello School!”, “Spiritual Protection”, “Children’s Library” or “Help for Refugees” (by the way, 93 people turned to the regional department for help for the period from the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine) – they all help children and their parents cope with difficulties.

One miracle worth two

It is difficult to assess and analyze the affairs of the children’s fund, if only because there is a child behind everyone. Try to compare though. From the funds raised at the Let’s Support a Child marathon, we managed to pay for ultra-precise testing for tuberculosis using the T-SPOT method for 160 children with serious pathologies – from oncology to autoimmune disorders. And on the other hand, the happiness of the courageous girl Arina, who is now struggling with a serious illness. On New Year’s Eve, she made a wish under the “Christmas Tree of Desires” that she would be able to talk on the phone with the famous theater and film actor Sergei Goroshko. Employees of the children’s fund helped make her dream come true. The artist went on a video call and during the conversation invited the child to St. Petersburg. The trip is done! This is how the strength of the spirit, multiplied by motivation, works. Arina and her mother visited St. Petersburg and saw how Sergei’s rock band was rehearsing.

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By the way, this year the traditional preparation of families for school will be unusual. In addition to targeted assistance to those in need, congratulations on the start of the new academic year will be received by children who are being treated at the Center for Maternal and Childhood Welfare. Performances of the Skazka puppet theater will take place right within the hospital walls, library expositions and games rooms will open, and children will receive gifts.

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