The “African Lion 2021” exercise continues in Mehbes

In a statement to MAP, Colonel Hicham Amrani, head of the African Lion 2021 exercise in the Grayer Bihi region, indicated that two major activities are scheduled in this region, namely an airborne troop activity and a second activity. aerial with live fire.

Along with these two major activities, he added, training is provided at the zone level for the benefit of the FAR elements by American and Moroccan instructors.

For his part, Colonel Robert Perry, commander of operations on the American side, indicated that these exercises are an opportunity to work with a major partner, Morocco, and will allow the forces involved to strengthen their preparation and achieve more ‘harmony.

These exercises are supervised by Lieutenant General Belkhir El Farouk, Commander of the South Zone, and Major General Andrew M. Rohling, Deputy Commander General for Africa and Commander of the operational unit of the United States Army for Southern Europe, Africa.

The 17th combined Moroccan-American exercise “African Lion 2021” will continue until June 18, 2021 in the regions of Agadir, Tifnit, Tan-Tan, Mehbes, Tafraout, Ben Guerir and Kenitra, involving thousands of multinational militaries and a very large number of land, air and sea equipment.

In addition to the United States of America and the Kingdom of Morocco, the 17th edition of this exercise sees the participation of Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Tunisia, Senegal, the Netherlands, Italy as well as the Atlantic Alliance, in addition to military observers from around thirty countries representing Africa, Europe and America.

The objectives of this exercise, considered among the most important combined exercises in the world, are numerous: to strengthen the maneuver capabilities of the participating units, to consolidate the interoperability between the participants in terms of planning and conducting joint operations within the framework of coalition, perfect tactics, techniques and procedures, develop cyber defense skills, train the air component in the conduct of fighter, support and air-to-air refueling operations, consolidate cooperation in maritime security, conduct exercises at sea in the field of naval tactics and conventional warfare and conduct humanitarian activities.

It includes, in addition to training and simulations in command activities and training on operations to fight against violent terrorist organizations, land, airborne, air, maritime and CBRN (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical) decontamination exercises. .

In addition, and under parallel humanitarian activities, a field medico-surgical hospital will be deployed at Ameln (Tafraout) where medical and surgical services will be provided for the benefit of the local populations of the region, by medical teams. made up of doctors and nurses from the FAR and the US Army.

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