the actions that Google Lens allows

At the beginning of October 2017 the technology giant Google it launched Google Lens, a mobile application that allows the recognition of all the objects in front of a person with a cell phone, comparing the price of an item in various virtual establishments and editing texts of images through the mobile. The tool is available for both Android and iOS.

Through the Machine Learning or automated learning, Google Lens will analyze what the indicated object is, in addition to granting actions that may be carried out linked to the type of object or text.

One of the actions allowed by the application is to translate texts into the desired language when pointing or taking a picture. Google Lens also facilitates the translation of images that are in the memory of the cell phone.

The application also presents the text tab, which will allow you to analyze or copy words or paragraphs from a material. The selected text will be marked with white lines. The tool can also identify handwritten texts, useful for school assignments.

For school work, Google Lens has the “homework” tab with which it is possible to write down a question and the search engine to find the answer. In the case of mathematical operations, it is possible to use the application to solve some. In case of not being able to solve exercises directly, the tool searches websites for results on the same operation.

With the “search” tab, the user can identify from a movie to the breed of an animal by simply pointing to the element to be recognized.. This option also allows access to online stores to purchase the indicated object.

This alternative can also be used in the shopping tab, ideal for comparing the price of an item in various virtual establishments. Bar code scanning is also possible with the application, which will identify which is the correct code in case there are several.

Google Lens makes it easy to identify visited places with the sites tab. When you take a photo of the area, the application displays information, not only about the place, but also about structures or sculptures placed.

If during a trip the user stops at a restaurant, the food tab can identify a dish only pointed or taking a picture with the application.


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