The 7 biggest concert scandals from musicians on tour

Sounds like an unsavory college gag, but it was actually true: GG Allin, who most of you have probably never heard of, was a legend within the punk scene; a lunatic, completely insane, disturbed. Every, really every show by Allin was a scandal – but not too many outside the scene noticed anything about it, at least not in this country. Allin performed his shows with constantly changing musicians – because nobody could stand him for long. Not only did he regularly beat up his audience, he mutilated himself, masturbated, pooped on stage, ate his excrement, smeared it on himself and threw it at the audience. His mission was to “bring danger back to rock ‘n’ roll. Accordingly, his lyrics dealt with violence, misanthropy, deviant sex fantasies and murder (his albums had titles like Brutality And Bloodshed For All). He had announced several times that he would commit suicide on stage, but Allin ultimately died of a heroin overdose in 1993 after an aborted concert. hard stuff.

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