The 6 things every dog ​​owner should know

If you have a dog There are six points that you need to be clear and present in order to provide a good quality of life and have a good time too.

The first is the issue of deworming. There are diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans and some of them are contracted by the dog when he eats raw viscera of cow, sheep or pig, something that is very dangerous because of the parasites they harbor.

Setting limits is the second point. In the world of your dog Family equals pack, and you need to know who the leaders are, otherwise you will believe that this is your place and you may have uncontrolled and even aggressive behavior.

They are not options to consider, they are your dog’s needs

Another thing is that the dog needs to play. If you are going to have a dog living with you, it is important to be clear that the animal barks and that it is not a vase or a guardian only and strictly. They tend to like chasing games because they channel their instincts.

You have to walk the dog. In addition to improving your relationship with him, the lack of walks can stress him and get him out of control, make him disobedient and overreact to minor changes.

It is a dog, not a human

It is extremely important that a dog’s diet is not confused with that of a human. Respecting a dog also means accepting that he is a dog and not a human baby, and giving him the diet he needs.

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Although more and more people say that their dogs are their children, it must be clear that dogs do not do well to be treated with human criteria. As Infobae relates, dogs do not think like us and it is a mistake to treat them and expect them to behave like a person, or to think that the dog does things for human reasons.



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