The 365 euro ticket does not help all Sciliar


Since the cheap ticket for schoolchildren and trainees is only valid in transport associations, users from the Kitzingen district reach their limits. But there is also better news about the PNV.

The Dorfschtze-Express is part of the VGN as leisure line 108. The archive picture is from May 2019. Photo: Inge Thomaier

Anyone who likes to take the bus and train, i.e. use local public transport (PNV), may feel that they are in good hands as residents of the Kitzingen district. It is the only district in Bavaria to include two association tariffs with the entire district, the transport associations Groraum Nrnberg (VGN) and Mainfranken (VVM). Landrtin Tamara Bischof reminded the members of the PNV committee of the district council. “You can travel long distances with a ticket,” she said. Trips from Geiselwind to Lohr in the Main-Spessart district in the VVM are possible without any problems, as well as from Volkach to Laaber in the Upper Palatinate, which is almost 200 kilometers away.

It is an offer that is well received. The entry numbers have tripled on some routes, since the associations were introduced, explains Gnter Rauh, PNV clerk in the district office. In addition, the number of day tourists who come to the district of Kitzingen by public transport has increased; this applies at least to the time before the corona pandemic, because it caused the passenger numbers in the PNV to drop, in some cases by 70 to 90 percent.

Landkreis Schweinfurt is not part of the VVM

From August 1st, the 365 euro ticket for schoolchildren and trainees, in which the district participates. According to the Bavarian state, however, this only applies within transport associations, such as schoolchildren from the border regions of the district who visit schools in the neighboring district of Schweinfurt, and plans that do not belong to the VVM have not yet been implemented. This means that these students cannot use the 365 Euro ticket as an inexpensive way to get to school, as it would only go as far as the district boundary, a drawback that the bishop also pointed out.

According to Rauh, the basic principle is that the reduced income that the transport associations incur through the introduction of the ticket must be offset. The Free State pays two thirds of these costs, the third district the Kitzingen district.

Favorable family ticket for VVM should come

The same applies to lost income from further changes, which should make the offer cheaper and more attractive for users of the PNV. Rauh mentioned here a planned cheap family day ticket for the VVM, which will be introduced in the spring of 2021, cost 9.90 euros and should apply to the entire VVM area. Today, a family day ticket from Kitzingen to Wrzburg still costs 24.70 euros, while the VGN already has a much cheaper day ticket, the price of which is graded by zone. Such a VVM family ticket has not yet been decided within the association, Rauh said.

The growth allowance in the VVM has been abolished since the beginning of August, which makes the tariff clearer and the trips to Wrzburg cheaper. In future, according to Rauh, the VVM will only offer a fare based on the honeycomb used and no longer related to the grow hub.

E-tariff would make it easy for PNV users

The future is the introduction of an e-tariff, which is calculated on the basis of electronically recorded tickets or journeys. The e-tariff should not simply depict current tariffs, but should above all accommodate occasional customers of the PNV with attractive discounts. Because they would then no longer have to search for the correct fare before starting the journey, but a background system would record entry and exit and automatically determine the correct fare after the journey.

Rauh reported that the district will be responsible for the entire PNV from 2024, when the concessions for regular service bundles have expired. Then the district will also expand travel offers across the board based on a mobility concept that will include a passenger survey planned for next year. He named the nationwide hourly rate in the PNV as a possible goal.

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