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Introduction:In March 2022, Tencent released its Q1 financial report. The financial report mentioned that the per capita usage time and total playback volume of video accounts have more than doubled year-on-year, and the number of users and participation have also made major breakthroughs.

Although no specific data is mentioned, WeChat’s affirmation and confidence in the video account is obvious. According to the observations of the Aladdin Research Institute, a total of 19 updates have been made to the H1 video account in 2022, focusing on building the homepage and live broadcast capabilities of the video account, and strengthening the important role of the video account’s business transformation position. On the basis of sufficient hardware conditions, the video account traffic has been further revitalized through a series of operations, and the commercial capabilities of the WeChat ecosystem have been amplified. The live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala and the live broadcast of concerts gather traffic to enrich the public domain pool and help enterprises to settle in the private domain. The “618 Video Live Good Things Festival” plans to gather traffic from the private domain and distribute and reuse it through the expansion of the venue, so as to motivate WeChat users and brands. Merchants, content creators, and third-party services participate in multiple parties to explore new growth space in the practice of ecological co-construction and sharing.

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(1) 19 functional updates, strengthening the homepage capability and live broadcast value, and highlighting the value of the video account business position

During H1 in 2022, the video account has successively updated 19 capabilities and services, 11 of which involve live broadcast, and the paid live broadcast and vertical screen Spring Festival Gala have opened a new form of live broadcast. The live broadcast reservation and live broadcast list of Goddess Day and Super Brand Day strengthen the nature of e-commerce, and the “618 Mid-Year Promotion” has launched a merchant reward plan to help growth through a variety of traffic incentives. The gameplay of secondary distribution and reuse forms a new form of public-private linkage, encouraging WeChat users, brand merchants, content creators, and third-party services to participate in multiple parties, and explore new growth space in the practice of ecological co-construction and sharing.

The changes on the operational side are mainly reflected in the mobilization of both ends of the public and private domains. On the public domain side, the Spring Festival Gala and live concerts are used to amplify the traffic entrance to help businesses capture more traffic and improve the efficiency of private domain precipitation; on the private domain side, through advertising mutual selection platforms and traffic incentives to promote ecological internal circulation and increase traffic Realization frequency and value.

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(2) The per capita usage time has doubled, the total revenue of the mutual selection platform has increased by 6 times, and the increase in content value has attracted more creators to develop across platforms

In the 2022 Q1 financial report, Tencent mentioned that the per capita usage time and total playback volume of video accounts have more than doubled year-on-year, and the number of users and participation have also made major breakthroughs.

According to the video data, in 2022, the H1 video video account TOP500 will have a total of 1,874 accounts, with more than 300,000 published works, more than 16 million likes, and more than 25 million comments.

The industry distribution and industry turnover rate data of listed accounts show popular tracks and market opportunities in the field of video accounts: education, fashion and art, and cultural accounts have a high rate of entry and turnover rate, showing an active development in the workplace. , health, and beauty accounts have a small proportion of the list, reflecting the huge market opportunity.

According to WeChat public information, in the past six months, the number of video account creators entering the mutual selection platform has increased by 1.2 times, and the total revenue has increased by 6 times. Video accounts are attracting more and more authors to settle in. The accounts of news, culture, fashion, and popular science accounts for 12.1% of the accounts in the TOP500 of the Vision Index, and 8.5% of the accounts in the TOP200 are pioneered by external platforms; in the TOP300 of the brand list, accounts of personal care, makeup, clothing, shoes and hats are included The proportion of the list reached 28.9%.

(3) Brands actively deploy video accounts and WeChat ecology, 25% of the top 100 accounts have achieved a closed marketing loop, and 16% have established business positions

According to the “2022 H1 Mini Program Internet Development White Paper” released by the Aladdin Research Institute, with the help of the four-dimensional opening of internal connection, external link jump, advertisement push, and social sharing, the scene reachability of mini programs has reached an unprecedented height. It has also become the main front of corporate brand social business. More and more corporate brands are building a business panorama based on video accounts and small programs, and linking public and private domains to achieve digital operations.

In 2022, H1 will enter the TOP100 brand accounts of the video video account, and the accounts of food fresh, personal care and makeup, computer digital, clothing, shoes and hats will account for 50.0% of the accounts, and 25.8% of the brand accounts will be connected with video accounts, live broadcasts, Mini programs and corporate WeChat are equipped with closed-loop marketing links. 16.6% of brand accounts have a service position consisting of Souyisou brand page (brand official area, super brand area), official account homepage and video account homepage. The idea of ​​”the new official website of the brand” has gone a step further and has gradually become a window for corporate publicity and user interaction. With the help of the ability of private domain management, the brand opens a new consumer relationship of co-creation, symbiosis and sharing by users. Michelle Bingcheng’s Divine Comedy II changed to explode and spread, and Hongxing Erke and Wuling Hongguang developed new products based on user feedback, all of which reflected the advantages and potential of the DTC model.

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New retail reshapes the commercial value of the community, and content marketing develops in tandem with offline and online

The new retail development trend reshapes the commercial value of the community, and the video account releases energy in the direction of content cultivation and live broadcast e-commerce, helping to upgrade the consumption experience and reshape the consumption scene. As a pioneer explorer of retail formats, “Watsons” has built a powerful digital system to gather more than 4,000 offline stores and members transformed from online multi-channels into the O+O ecosystem, creating an offline+online (O+O) ecosystem for consumers. +O) Seamlessly integrated consumer experience.

Watsons has many official video accounts, all of which are associated with their corresponding public accounts. The main account “Watsons Service Assistant” serves as the main position for product promotion, and undertakes public domain traffic diversion on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Weibo; “Watsons Official Grass Planting” Jun” together with “Watsons Welfare Club”, which is only deployed on the official account, is responsible for opening up the content e-commerce of video accounts, planting grass videos and linking products, and using high-quality video content to drive more recommended traffic of video accounts; KOS shopping guide matrix account launched “Ace Card” “Release the test official” celebrity competition, expand the communication potential from point to surface, and establish strong links between shopping guides and brands. Watsons designs content handles and delivery links for different target users to achieve precise content access, shape brand recognition, and influence users’ minds.

(5) E-commerce capabilities cover multiple entities, brand positions are connected to public and private domains, and the ecological order of video accounts and WeChat is quietly formed

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Halfway through 2022, what are the new changes in the video account in the second half of the year? The Aladdin Institute believes that from an ecological perspective, these trends cannot be ignored:

First, the video account business model is further structured. In July 2022, the video account launched information flow advertisements to promote the commercial effect of brand advertising; at the same time, the video account small store was launched, serving as a live broadcast tool to focus on serving enterprises and self-employed individuals; the existing advertising mutual selection and product sharing functions It satisfies the creator’s monetization needs. The structured business form is not only flexible and rich, but also forms a clear and orderly division of labor, laying the foundation for the further development of the video account ecosystem.

Secondly, the brand area, official account, and video account pages have been upgraded successively to form a new position for the private domain operation of corporate brands. The public domain side can directly reach the private domain positions such as mini-programs, public accounts, and video accounts through search and search, so as to meet the needs of brand activity promotion. , new product display, live broadcast warm-up, service consultation and other diverse demands.

Finally, the cases of paid live broadcast and concert live broadcast have stimulated the diversified exploration of the value of live broadcast. Cultural and entertainment performances, video screenings, sports events, and course teaching can all obtain commercial returns through payment, title, and peripheral sales; on the other hand, corporate branding We are exploring opportunities to build deep relationships with users through slow live broadcasts, flash live broadcasts, and theme live broadcasts.

All in all, as the ability to introduce public domain traffic has jumped, the efficiency of private domain traffic flow has increased, corporate brands have gained more tools and traffic, and user experience and stickiness have been simultaneously strengthened. The coordinated development of video accounts and WeChat ecology will stimulate stronger potential. The Aladdin Research Institute believes that under the guidance of the concept of ecological co-construction and sharing, there are still many prospects for the video account to be created together. Let us continue to work hard, live up to our mission, and harvest more innovation and progress in the second half of the year!

[Follow the official account of the Vision Index and reply to “8” to get the full HD white paper]

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