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Four of the five people in Quebec who were under observation for the new coronavirus received negative results.

This was indicated by email from the Ministry of Health and Social Services on Thursday evening, specifying that a case remained under observation, but that “this does not mean that this person is infected with the nCov19 coronavirus”. “This means that the tests are continuing,” added spokesperson Marie-Claude Lacasse.

There is no confirmed case of the new coronavirus currently in Quebec.

“It is expected that cases will be investigated in the coming days / weeks. This is normal given the vigilance shown by the network, ”said the ministry.

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Danielle McCann, argued Thursday morning that the establishments were ready to face the situation.

“All the measures are in place to welcome and investigate people who have symptoms that could be similar to the coronavirus. And there are also measures at airports ”, recalled the Minister.

She promises to keep the population well informed of developments.

The five people who were under observation were in three hospitals in Montreal and one hospital in Quebec.


Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu said Thursday that several people in Canada were under observation to determine if they contracted coronavirus from China.

She added that there were no confirmed cases in Canada yet.

More than 800 people in China are infected with the virus, and 25 people have died.

The city at the center of the outbreak, Wuhan, is under quarantine, and health officials are working to understand the virus and prevent it from spreading.

The World Health Organization is considering declaring a global health emergency due to the disease, which started in China but is now spreading to other countries.

Ms Hajdu said it was important to be cautious, without being alarmist, as Canada is working with international partners to identify the disease and determine the next steps to take.

People traveling to Canada from abroad are encouraged to report any flu-like symptoms.

Ms Hajdu said it was too early to determine what additional measures might be needed. The Canadian Press

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