That’s why Helene Fischer gives concerts right after the birth

Helene Fischer is planning a tour with 70 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2023.Image: / Frederic Kern

In a few weeks, the singer Helene Fischer will be a mother for the first time. Together with her partner Thomas Seitel, who used to be one of the acrobats on her tour. With the new edition of “Wetten dass …?” A few weeks ago Germany’s most famous pop singer appeared with a baby bump. The child has not yet arrived, but the 37-year-old already has ambitious goals for the time after the birth.

In April 2022 she will perform at “Sound und Snow” in Gastein, followed by the super open air concert in Munich in August. She has announced a “mega tour” for 2023: 70 concerts together with the dancers from “Cirque du Soleil” – their fans can look forward to a spectacular, daring stage program. The tour should be an experience “that has never been seen before,” says Helene herself. In order to be fit, however, she will have to start training a few months after the birth.

Friends and parents keep Helene’s back free – tactics at concerts

As the celebrity portal “Gala” reports with reference to a long-time confidante of the singer, not only will partner Thomas support you in this, but also the family. “Her parents will keep her back free,” it said.

The fact that the upcoming concert tour is her first as a mom was also taken into account when planning the tour. In total, Helene Fischer will play the 70 concerts at 14 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Her trick: in most places she performs five evenings in a row. On the 2019 tour, that was only reserved for big cities like Berlin. “As for all artists, it is of course less stressful for Helene than getting used to a hotel every night,” the “Gala” quotes the confidante.

Your child will be a good one year old during the 2023 mega tour

Helene Fischer will be in Germany in Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Berlin, Mannheim, Hanover, Frankfurt and Munich be visible. The tickets will cost up to 299 euros. The close friend apparently does not have any concerns that Helene will take over herself: “She can do everything she has in mind.”


Due to the pandemic, the jungle camp had to be canceled last year – instead, a replacement show was broadcast that couldn’t really satisfy the fans. The anticipation for the upcoming season, which will be broadcast on RTL in January 2022, is all the greater. A change has already been announced: This time the show will not be filmed in Down Under as usual, but in South Africa.

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