That treasure in the dog’s kennel, Cirinnà claims 24 thousand euros

We return to talk about the hidden treasure found last summer in the dog’s kennel of the couple of dem politicians, Esterino Montino and Monica Cirinnà. “The senator of the Democratic Party, in fact, beats cash and claims the 24 thousand euros in cash that had been found on her property: the CapalBiofattoria, a farm and wine estate immersed in the Tuscan Maremma, a few kilometers from the favorite destination of the radical-chic left for the holidays ”explains an article in the ‘Messaggero’.

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“Faced with the media fuss that had arisen after the discovery of the money, the spouses had literally distanced themselves, specifying that the kennel was far from their home and that perhaps those 48 banknotes, worth 500 euros each, had been hidden there as North African drug dealers – we read – ‘I thought they were fake’ explained Fabio Montino, the eldest of the 4 children of the mayor of Fiumicino, to the carabinieri of Capalbio, after phoning his father and his father’s wife, returning from Rome where they had attended the funeral of his lawyer friend Luca Petrucci ”reconstructs ‘Il Messaggero’.

On the level of the criminal investigation, on 28 March the Deputy Prosecutor of Grosseto Giampaolo Melchionna “was forced to request the dismissal of the investigation for money laundering (against unknown persons), having failed to prove the illegal origin of the 24 thousand euros. But, unexpectedly, on May 4, the senator of the Democratic Party came forward and, through the lawyer Giovanni Gori, asked the investigating judge to ‘order the restitution’ of the sum in his favor, opposing the confiscation requested by the prosecutor. newspaper – Since the senator is the legal representative of CapalBiofattoria, according to her lawyer, the money would go to her. In view of the hearing of last June 6, the senator reiterated the request for the money, specifying (this time) that she wanted to donate it to the anti-violence association Olymbia De Gouges ”. “According to the preliminary investigations judge of Grosseto, however, ‘the request for the restitution of Cirinnà cannot be accepted, since the discipline of the things found is in force in this case’. Moreover – he explains in the provision of 20 June – even if it were the discovery of a treasure, ‘it belongs only half to the owner of the fund and half to the finder: in this case, Fabio Montino and the worker Fabio Rosati, for the share of a quarter each ‘. Meanwhile, the disputed banknotes remain under seizure ”concludes the article.

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