Tesla officially launched the FSD subscription service, which can be cancelled at any time without a lump sum payment-Hong Kong unwire.hk

Although Tesla’s fully automated driving function is still in the testing stage, it has allowed car owners to purchase them as additional features when buying a car. Recently, Tesla finally launched a subscription service, allowing car owners to join or cancel this feature at any time without a one-time buyout.

The FSD (Full Self-Driving) subscription service launched in the United States allows Tesla electric vehicles that already support the FSD function to join and enable this function at any time. If it is equipped with basic automatic navigation functions, the monthly fee is US$199, and it is equipped with If the enhanced version of the automatic navigation function, the monthly fee is 99 US dollars. For cars that do not support FSD (car computers below HW 3.0), you need to pay an additional $1,500 to upgrade.

Tesla said that car owners can cancel their subscription at any time through the Tesla App or log in to their Tesla account. The FSD function obtained by subscription varies depending on the region. For the feature that itself needs 10,000 US dollars to buy out, the monthly subscription on demand can be said to provide greater flexibility.

Source: Teslaati

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