Tesla launches the 20,000-euro electric car on the market. Model 2, ready in 2023

Information about the manufacture of Tesla Model 2, the first electric car in the US company’s economy class, was confirmed in an interview with China’s state news agency Xinhua by Tesla China President Tom Zhu, who spoke about the company’s future giving details about the next “Tesla baby”.

In general, only the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, talks about the American company’s plans. And Musk had already indirectly announced a new model during the Gigafactory 3 ceremony in Shanghai, China, in early 2020.

Model 2, like Model 3, will be a “global” model (so it will be marketed in major markets), which will allow Tesla to grow even more in terms of sales volume. This will be possible due to a reduced access price compared to electric vehicles currently on the price list. In fact, there is talk of 20-25 thousand euros per piece.

It will be a compact car with a body shape that puts it in direct competition with the Volkswagen ID.3, Nissan Leaf and Kia e-Niro.

Battery beating

The arrival of the Model 2 is expected for 2023. Tesla will be able to offer such a competitive price thanks to the new internally developed batteries, which should have a production cost 50% lower (the price per kWh should be 89 euros ) compared to the current ones, offering at the same time up to five times more energy and up to 16% more autonomy.

This technology was first unveiled on Tesla Battery Day last year, at which CEO Elon Musk said: “One of the things that worries me the most is that we don’t have a really affordable car in the future. For that, we need cheaper batteries. “

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In the meantime, the solution has been identified and put into practice. Mass production of the newly designed battery packs will be possible as early as 2022. Tesla may decide to sell a 50 kWh battery, although a smaller one could allow the company a more competitive entry into the market.

Aesthetically, the Model 2 should incorporate most of the aesthetic elements already seen in the Model 3. Noting that the dimensions will be more compact.

Tom Zhu confirmed that the new Tesla will be designed in the new Gigafactory research and development center in Shanghai and will be produced for the local market. The models for the European market should start from the new German factory built in Berlin, which should start operating in 2022.

Europe is preparing to switch to electric cars. Already, the UK has announced that after 2030 it will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars.

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