Tesla abandons Model S Plaid +

Tesla has removed from its offer version its most powerful and forward-moving Model S modification, Plaid +.

Tesla has abandoned the $ 150,000 model S modification of Plaid + because the regular Plaid provides the same dynamics, being as much as $ 30,000 cheaper.

Versions of the Model S Plaid and Plaid + were announced in January this year. Both modifications were designed to incorporate three-engine power plants with more than a thousand horsepower, which would run up to a hundred in less than two seconds. The two differed only in terms of power parameters and the distance to be covered with one charge, respectively 1034 hp and 563 km Plaid and 1115 hp and 837 km Plaid +.

Meanwhile, it has become known that Model S Plaid deliveries to customers have been postponed for a week. Ilon Mask explained this with problems related to the power plant settings, which will be fixed in the near future, but Plaid + has been removed from the offer altogether. In this case, some costs suggest that the decision was influenced by the lack of chips and the increase in the price of battery raw materials.

In early April, Tesla reported production and sales rates in the first quarter of 2021. It is apparent from the document that the company issued 180 338 copies of the Model 3 / Y, supplying customers with 184 800 vehicles, of which only 2020 were Model S / X cars.

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