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Teo Teocoli tells of a very important decision in his life. All due to an illness that hit him hard

These days Teo Teocoli canceled some scheduled shows due to very important health problems. The comedian, in a video, thanked all his fans for the affection received, saying “A sequence of almost twenty years has broken without a hitch, this time there was. It happens, thanks to everyone anyway “.

Teo Teocoli is touring Italy with the show All Teo, a show in which offers the most popular gags of his long career. However, in these hours he was forced to cancel several stages of his tour due to health problems that he cannot overshadow. The fans immediately became very worried and, Teo, tried to reassure everyone by making a dedicated video.

In the clip he wanted to thank all his fans for the affection they are showing him in these hours and apologized for the canceled shows. The video in question is published on the Giugrà – Only quality events page. The 74-year-old, comedian and host, thanked all the people who are showing solidarity and closeness to him in these hours.

Teo Teocoli and the stop from work due to illness

Teocoli explained that, after having spent 20 years without problems, the hitches have returned and something went wrong. “Hello everyone, thanks for your interest, I was pleased that many people were interested. I am also sorry for the other evenings that unfortunately will skip, but great solidarity and benevolence. A sequence of almost twenty years has broken without a hitch, this time there was. It happens, thanks to everyone anyway. Hello”.

These are the words of the conductor who wanted anyway maintain confidentiality about what happened to him. Several stages of the show have been canceled, as can be read from the Azelia.it press release: “Due to Teo Teocoli’s health reasons, the artist had to cancel the shows in Ostuni Giugrà, Santa Marinella, and also the date scheduled for Monday 5 August at the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro”.

As for the Lignano Sabbiadoro show, this is only postponed on a date to be determined. Spectators can watch the comedian’s show then on September 1st, except for other postponements.

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For the other dates, however, it is possible request a refund at the point of sale where the ticket was purchased. Or even online.

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