Tens of thousands of fish Oostvaardersplassen dead due to slow province ‘


On July 15, Sportvisserij Nederland also rang the bell. The association called for water supply to the Grote Plas, as soon as possible. “Although there are no protected species at stake, they are very many fish and of course there is also a general duty of care.” Staatsbosbeheer then wrote that the carp had a hard time because of the heat.

A day later, directors of the province, the water board and Staatsbosbeheer agreed to save the carp. They called for tempo, but much had to be sorted out. Can you transfer water from the Markermeer at all? For example, is there a chance of blue-green algae? And what are the consequences for the swamp reset?

Around 23 July, work was carried out on the plan to supply water from the Markermeer. The emergency plan would cost about 120,000 euros. A permit was needed, but due to holidays at Arcadis, there was no one to submit the application. In addition, a second permit had to be requested from the Zuiderzeeland Water Board.

Thousands of dead fish

In the end, the licenses no longer had to be granted, because on July 27 and 28, thousands of fish died. After this, efforts to add water to the Grote Plas were discontinued. It was expected that almost no fish were alive anymore. It was advised not to make much effort for the remaining live fish, according to the documents held by Omroep Flevoland.

Deputy Michiel Rijsberman said in a response that the water level dropped much faster than anticipated. “When the signals came in on July 9, immediate consultations were started between the parties involved.”

It turned out that it was no longer possible to move fish to the Markermeer. “After that, preparations started to let in water from the Markermeer. … Increasing the water level takes time, even with a very large pumping capacity.”

On July 27, water would be brought to the pool to raise the level, a day after a large proportion of the fish died. “Unfortunately, we were caught by the extreme weather conditions and their consequences.”

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