Tempers flare in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office

In this space we have told you that the former Morena candidate for mayor Cuauhtémoc, Dolores Padierna, has accused and denounced the elected mayor, Sandra Cuevas, who was nominated by the PRD-PAN-PRI bloc, to triangulate resources for its campaign, even, has already requested the annulment of the election before the Capital Electoral Tribunal. In this context, yesterday Doña Sandra wrote on her Twitter account that she celebrated having beaten the “empire of corruption: Padierna-Bejarano”, in the heart of Mexico, alluding to the demarcation, and affirmed that they will never find him in a video tying money with garters and concluded that they do not scare or shrink her. The fight is strong and the courts will have the last word.

Mayors’ protest day is adjusted in CDMX

They tell us that one of the priorities for the next extraordinary period of the capital’s Congress will be the modification of the dates for the new 16 mayors to protest on October 1 and not on September 1, as is in a couple of articles of the Law Organic of the mayors. In fact, the local PAN deputy Federico Döring He presented a point of agreement to accelerate the approval of the reform, since if it remained as it is, there would be little time for the transition works. The Congress of the capital tells us that this reform is contemplated within the four points that will be submitted to the plenary session in the first week of July. The other, they tell us, is about the reforms proposed by the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, to toughen penalties for motorists involved in road accidents.

After election, they go for president of IEEM

The search for the president of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM) is already underway, as we remind you that they currently have a provisional incumbent because none of the candidates gathered the necessary votes to be elected. They tell us that, unlike the previous process led by the National Electoral Institute (INE), the convocation was also for men. In total, 83 were registered, of which 70 were selected for the next round. Among those who make up the long list are the current president of the Mexican Institute of Transparency, Zulema Martinez; the member of the local INE Board, Jessica Rojas; as well as Ana Vanessa González, who reached the final stage in the previous process, but did not get the required votes. The men include Diego Antonio Garcia, specialist in electoral matters.


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