Temperatures of 40º in La Safor for Wednesday the first day of July | Radio Gandia


This Wednesday begins the month of July with a extreme heat peak in the Safor region. Thermometers will reach 40º reason why the State Meteorological Agency has already decreed the orange alert for high temperatures.

He west wind will be responsible for this heat that is expected to be more intense from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m.. It will be a very punctual heat episode since for on Thursday the thermometers will drop by about 10º and they will be at 30º maximum temperature, a more normal and usual value at this time of year.

The intense heat will be most noticeable in inland areas from the Safor region and the best option will be the coast, although it should be noted that sea ​​water temperature is already among the 24º y 25º on our coastline.

It will be the first day of strong heat this summer and we have asked the meteorologist of Oratgenet.com and collaborator of Radio Gandia SER, Jordi Payà, what time awaits us over the next few months.

Listen to Jordi Payà, meteorologist for Oratgenet.com and collaborator of Radio Gandia SER on Play SER

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