Telegram Introduces Premium Tier Benefits to Monetize Platform CryptoPump News

Telegram, one of the most popular messaging applications in cryptocurrency circles, has actually announced that it will certainly offer a premium paid tier of its solutions, which will certainly allow its users to access brand new attributes and extend some of the ones currently offered. The move comes as the company seeks to monetize a stellar chunk of its user base, which recently hit a milestone of 700 million energized people month-on-month.

According to CEO Pavel Durov, the premium tier is a solution to the needs of a group of people who want to upgrade their transmission capacity as well as storage space from within the application. He specified:

After giving him an idea, we understood that the only way to allow our most demanding followers to get even more while keeping our existing attributes for free is to make these increased restrictions a paid option.

Brand new attributes being offered to paying individuals include expanding the variety of networks they can join &#x 2014; 1,000, in addition to the 500 used for the free tier &#x 2014; and additionally the production of 20 conversation folders with 200 conversations in each folder. Pricing for this brand new tier of solutions hasn’t actually been announced since it was written, but according to Techcrunch the pricing is close to the $6 mark.

path to monetization

This isn’t Telegram’s first attempt to monetize solutions on the platform, which provides messaging and web content monitoring systems to hundreds of people and businesses around the world. The company introduced the funded news attribute in 2014, which allows marketers to place such news on huge networks with more than 1,000 customers.

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However, the biggest attempt to make money was the launch of Telegram &#x 2019; s have tokens, called gram. However, efforts to raise more than $1 billion from capitalists around the world were inevitably halted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which issued a temporary restraining order against the company back in 2019. This prompted Telegram to stop launching the token, as well as returning the money to the capitalists, in addition to paying a fine to the establishment.

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