Technology "Worlds of Hell" .. Planets live in "the fiercest...

"Worlds of Hell" .. Planets live in "the fiercest places in the galaxy"




NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released shocking details about the horrors of extrasolar planets.

The lab mentioned in its post, the planet PSR B1257 + 12 c, also called Poltergeist meaning "evil spirit", an exoplanet about 2300 light-years from our solar system, located in the constellation Virgo.

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Discovery of a galaxy

Poltergeist is one of the first extrasolar planets to be discovered, and is one of three pulsating planets orbiting a pulsar, or "undying star."

"Pulsating planets like Poltergeist and their adjacent worlds, Phobetor and Draugr, consume constant radiation from the star's core," NASA wrote in an online blog. "Nothing but an undying star can live in this inhospitable corner of the galaxy."

NASA also pointed to another shocking discovery, saying that "strange hellish" planets burn at an average temperature hotter than the surface of the Sun.It has a temperature of 6,800 degrees Celsius, including Kepler-70b, an exoplanet orbiting the star B-kepler- 70, which is also one of the most famous exoplanets since 2017, and its surface temperature reaches several thousand kelvin, making it one of the horrors of the planets with an average temperature hotter than the surface of the sun.

NASA also spoke on its blog about HD 189733 b, an exoplanet also about 64.5 light-years from the solar system, in the constellation Fox, which was discovered in 2005.

"This distant blue planet seems like a safe haven, but we shouldn't be fooled," NASA said.

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